Solid Increase in US Seafood Consumption Posted in 2017

In 2017 Americans ate 16 pounds of seafood per capita, an increase of 1.1 pounds from the 14.9 pounds consumed in 2016, according to recently released statistics. It is the highest per capita consumption number in almost a decade.

“More than a pound increase is substantial,” said John Connelly, McLean, Virginia, USA-based National Fisheries Institute (NFI). “It’s significant to note the Top Ten List as a percentage of total consumption. Last year just those ten species made up more than 90% of all the seafood Americans ate. This year the list makes up only 84%. That’s quite a bit of diversification in just one year. While we see solid increases is some traditional staples, that growth outside the top ten is certainly something to watch.”

Within the top ten, Shrimp lead the increase jumping three tenths of a pound, followed by Salmon, up by more than two tenths of a pound.

“This increase in consumption follows higher domestic landings and more globally sourced product. Both are great news for American jobs,” said Connelly.
2017: US Per Capita Consumption of Seafood
Shrimp 4.4
Salmon 2.41
Canned Tuna 2.1
Tilapia 1.08
Alaska Pollock 0.78
Pangasius 0.71
Cod 0.66
Crab 0.52
Catfish 0.53
Clams 0.31
Per Capita Consumption 16.00 lbs.
Total Top 10 13.50884098
All Other Species Consumption 2.491159018
Top 10 as % of Total Consumption 84%