Central Foods Frozen Product Line is 100% Trans Fat Free

British frozen food distributor Central Foods has confirmed that it’s a “trans fats free” zone.

The issue of trans fatty acids, or artificial trans fats, has been high on the health agenda in recent years. According to the American Heart Association, its consumption raises bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and lowers good (HDL) cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart disease and strokes.

“We’ve carried out a very detailed check of more than 400 products that we supply to wholesalers and foodservice operators, and we are proud that none of the items we supply has trans fatty acids as an ingredient,” said Gordon Lauder, managing director of the Collingtree, Northampton, England-based company.

Lauder pointed out that the US Food and Drug Administration is banning trans fatty acids from the food chain in the United States effective June 18, 2018. He also noted that last year the EU adopted a resolution to start an assessment on the impact trans fatty acids have on public health and to devise policies after an earlier preliminary report by the European Commission suggested that setting a legal limit for industrial trans fats content in foods would be the most effective measure in terms of public health and consumer protection.

Trans fatty acids, known as hydrogenated fat or partially hydrogenated oils, are used for deep-frying food or as an ingredient in processed foods, commonly to make them more solid. In recent years, a growing number of manufacturers have voluntarily removed trans fats from their products through reformulation. Furthermore, a number of countries and states have restricted the use of trans fats in foodservice establishments.

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