OSI Doubles Chicken Capacity at Toledo Plant in Spain

OSI Food Solutions Spain has added a high capacity production line to its existing factory operation in Toledo, Spain. The €17 million investment has increased output capability of processed chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. The expansion has boosted total production capacity to over 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products.

“This plant extension is in response to the fast-growing demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal,” said José María del Río, managing director of OSI Spain. “Demand for chicken items in this area has seen more than 6% average annual growth over the last decade, and 8% average annual growth for the last three years. We are anticipating continued growth, and we are ready for it.”

The building addition of 2,100 square meters (22,600 square feet) included a new production hall, shipping and receiving areas, facility supplies storage, refrigerated rooms for waste container storage, service areas for oil, hot water and nitrogen tanks, and a social area for employees. The project also included a product development kitchen to better service the changing needs of clients and consumers.

Toledo Spain extension 2017The OSI Food Solutions food processing plant in Toledo, Spain, was established in 1990. A significant expansion project recently completed has boosted the facility’s annual production capacity to more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products.

“This expansion strategy will allow us to add new products to our portfolio, grow with new foodservice and retail key accounts, and support the growth of our long-standing customers,” said David McDonald, president of Aurora, Illinois, USA-headquartered OSI, a privately-held company that operates more than 65 factories in 17 countries. “We are excited to be adding capacity and creating new jobs.”

The company’s food defense structure was enhanced by the installation of a new perimeter access control surveillance system, which was further complemented by the addition of indoor cameras. An advanced firefighting system was also installed.

Special attention was given to sustainable elements to meet OSI’s high standards for sustainability. The new equipment has already reduced electricity consumption by about 20%. Heat recovery from the cogeneration system and the refrigeration unit, which are used to heat and store 200 cubic meters of water used every night during the cleaning shift, will further improve the operation’s energy efficiency.

The regional government recognized OSI Spain’s commitment to agricultural development, employment, and sustainability and granted the project €1.5 million from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. In February of 2016, OSI Food Solutions Spain received an award from the local Chamber of Commerce for its commitment to employment.