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Ben & Jerry’s Launches Spoonable Cookies in Ice Cream

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Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled its latest additions – a collection of three Cookie Cores that it says “will leave fans of ice cream, cookies and cookie butters clamoring for more.”

The Cookie Core line utilizes the same design as Ben & Jerry’s popular 2014 Core flavors but instead of jam, fudge or caramel running directly through the middle of the pint, the ingredients team has opted for cookie butters. The Cookie Cores tie in favorites such as chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, and speculoos cookies (featuring cinnamon spice) at their respective centers.

The combinations are:

Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core: mocha and caramel ice creams with chocolate cookies, fudge flakes and a chocolate cookie core

Peanut Buttah Cookie Core: peanut butter ice cream with crunchy peanut butter sugar bits, peanut butter cookies and a peanut butter cookie core

Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core: dark caramel and vanilla ice cream with speculoos cookies and speculoos cookie butter core

“I think our flavor gurus nailed it,” said CEO Jostein Solheim. “Along with the work to utilize Fairtrade and non-GMO ingredients, they managed to prove their artisan hand at making something creative, indulgent and delicious.”

The Cookie Cores reportedly “tested off the charts” in early trials, leading the company to believe it found a new and exciting way for customers to experience cookies and ice cream together.

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“These flavors are over the top, classic Ben & Jerry’s decadence with incredible flavor combinations and textures. They deliver the promise on a truly remarkable ice cream eating experience. These are cookies you’ll want to spoon!” said Solheim.

Headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, USA, Ben and Jerry’s makes products that are distributed in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, franchise scoop shops, restaurants and other venues throughout 35 countries. Founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the certified B Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever.