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Birds Eye Adds Fishless Fingers to Green Cuisine Retail Range in UK

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The Birds Eye frozen food brand in the United Kingdom is eying the faux fish market with the launch of Fishless Fingers 12-packs under its Green Cuisine banner. Debuting in Sainsbury’s stores in late June, the launch follows the success of previous Green Cuisine retail products intended to recreate classic Birds Eye offerings, such as Chicken-free pieces, which now contributes to 38% of sales according to Nielsen Scantrack.

“Shoppers are increasingly looking for plant-based alternatives of their favorite foods, and with our established brand heritage and dominance in the fish finger category, we’re in the perfect position to create a plant-based alternative to our iconic fish finger,” said Jess Ali, the Nomad Foods’ brand’s senior marketing manager.

“Consumers are more likely to buy and trial products from brands they already love and trust. Our Fishless Fingers are an important addition to our plant-based offering, and we’re hopeful that they will be as popular with family members as our beloved fish-based products. The combination of Birds Eye’s heritage in frozen food and our reputation for producing family mealtime favorites has helped to make our existing vegan products successful and popular, with penetration of the Green Cuisine range now up to 8.7% [Kantar MAT 52 Weeks 18.04.21].”

The Fishless Fingers, enrobed in Birds Eye Fish Finger signature crumb to deliver the same, recognizable flavor, offer a range of nutritional benefits, such as being a source of Omega-3 oils, which play an important part in maintaining heart health. Additionally, they are the first Green Cuisine product to use rice protein.