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Buyers & Sellers Ready for NFRA Convention in US

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With time getting short before the October 11-14 National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods (NFRA) Convention kicks off in Orlando, Florida, delegates are finalizing schedules and plans for their participation at the major North American event. And for those who want to attend but have not yet registered, there’s still time. Details are available by visiting

“This convention brings together over 1,200 top companies from all segments of the industry in one place and provides the time so attendees can conduct business more effectively and efficiently. It’s possible to hold dozens of face-to-face meetings in just a few days,” said Skip Shaw, president and chief executive officer of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based trade association.

The NFRA provides supermarket and other retailers with complimentary meeting rooms at the Orlando World Center Marriott headquarters hotel so they may hold appointments throughout the convention. In addition, many manufacturers have meetings with buyers and distributors in their own rooms or suites.

In addition to meeting and greeting, there will be plenty of eating opportunities at the Café NFRA, where delegates can network and enjoy the snacks and beverages provided by the sponsoring companies.

Two breakfast sessions featuring speakers are on the program, starting with Dana Perino on October 13. She served as White Press Secretary to President George W. Bush from 2007-09, and currently works as a Fox News contributor and co-host of the cable channel’s daily political analysis show.

The NFRA Annual Membership Luncheon will commence that day at noon. Chairman Scott Haws of Land O’Lakes will give a “State of the Association” address, and newly elected officers and directors will be installed.

Dennis Snow, formerly a customer service executive at the Walt Disney Company, will speak on during the October 14 breakfast session, and the Special Grand Awards Reception and Banquet will honor Golden Penguin winners in the evening.

One of the high points of the Orlando gathering will take place on the evening October 12, when the always popular Taste of Excellence Reception officially begins the annual confab. Retailers have been invited to get a “sneak peek” at new products one hour before doors open at the 6 PM for all registrants to see and sample some of the best new products the US and Canadian frozen and refrigerated foods industry has to offer.

Below is a list of frozen food companies and direct contact information for key personnel, as well as the products they will showcase at the Taste of Excellence Reception.



1708 Conway Isle Circle
Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: (973) 615-0212
Jack White

Flame-Broiled Bacon Cheeseburger
Code #: 0018
12.93 oz. (2-6.46 oz. sandwiches)
Juicy chopped beefsteak with smoke flavored bacon and pasteurized processed American cheese on a sesame seed bun.

Chicken Breast Nuggets
Code #: 33821
56 oz.
Made with white-meat chicken, delicious seasonings, and crispy, crunchy breading.

Premium Entree Cordon Bleu
Code #: 054653
36 oz.
The company’s most popular recipe features 100% whole-muscle chicken breast stuffed with savory ham and a creamy blend of Swiss and American cheeses. It is coated with a crispy seasoned breading.

Premium Entree Broccoli & Cheese
Code #: 054603
36 oz.
Made with tender 100% whole-muscle chicken breast and stuffed with tender broccoli florets and mild cheddar cheese. Coated with a crispy seasoned breading.


7124 N. Marine Drive
Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (913) 488-1928
Fax: (310) 540-2456
Chet Mayekawa

Ajinomoto-Chicken-PotstickersChicken Potstickers
Code #: 6440133
Net Wt. 4.33lb, 5 trays/60 dumplings
Authentic Japanese-style, tender, crispy dumplings with white meat chicken and vegetables that come with authentic dipping sauce. No oil or water is needed, as the product is prepared in a one-step patented cooking method.

Chicken Fried Rice
Code #: 5620423
Net Wt. 3lb/2-24 oz. bags
Authentic Japanese fried rice featuring chicken breast meat, bacon, vegetables and scrambled eggs in a gourmet sauce. Pan-fry or microwave-ready in seven minutes.

Orange Chicken Fried Rice
Code #: 5620633
Net Wt. 18 oz.
Fried rice with crispy fried white chicken meat and vegetables in a sweet and tangy sauce. Microwave-ready in four minutes.

Vegetable Chow Mein
Code #: 6930053
Net Wt. 3lb 6 oz./6-9 oz. Bags
Pan fried noodles and crispy vegetables in an authentic savory sauce. Microwave-ready in three minutes.


599 S. Rivershore Lane
Eagle, ID 83616
Phone: (208) 424-5454
Fax: (208) 422-2111
Rob Johnson

Alexia---sweet-potatofries-largeAlexia Italian Herb Corn with Sundried Tomatoes
Code #: AX310
12/12 oz.
Picked at the peak of flavor and blended with tangy sundried tomatoes, the sweetcorn is lightly seasoned with savory Italian herbs and garlic.

Alexia Rib-Cut BBQ Sweet Potato Fries
Code #: AX076
12/20 oz.
These skin-on Sweet Potato Fries have more than a little Southern flair. By combining a hint of spicy red pepper and the tangy taste of BBQ, the result is a sweet yet savory side dish to enjoy with one’s favorite slow-cooked entree.


13600 Snow Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44142
Phone: (216) 676-8500
Fax: (216) 676-0609
Bill Buckingham

BBQ Sauced Pork Blossoms
Code #: 72196-08123
12/12 ct.
BBQ sauce with pit cooked pork nestled in fillo dough.

Buffalo Style Chicken Blossoms
Code #: 72196-08122
12/12 ct.
White meat chicken, spicy sauce and a blend of cheeses nestled in fillo dough.


1050 17th St., Ste. 1500
Denver, CO 80265
Phone: (303) 633-2840
Fax: (303) 633-2860
Rod Fontenot

Stone-Fired Pepperoni Pizza
Code #: 901603
Premium pepperoni with shredded cheese and a zesty garlic pizza sauce on an artisanal stone fired crust.

Stone-Fired Cheese Pizza
Code #: 9016018
Premium shredded cheese toppings and a zesty garlic pizza sauce on an artisanal stone fired crust.


8111 Smith’s Mill Rd.
New Albany, OH 43054
Phone: (216) 647-5415
Fax: (614) 409-2193
Mike Smith

Bob Evans Ham and Cheese Breakfast Bakes
Code #: 0634
4 ct.
Bob Evans Ham & Cheese Breakfast Bakes are loaded with ham, cheddar cheese and hash browns. Microwaveable, the complete meal-in-one product is baked, not fried.

Bob Evans Sausage, Egg and Cheese English Muffin
Code #: 0742
4 ct.
English muffin sandwiches feature premium Bob Evans pork sausage and fluffy eggs. Each unit is individually wrapped and ready to serve from the microwave in seconds.


3439 Brookside Rd.
Stockton, CA 95219
Phone: (209) 271-8567
Fax: (209) 473-0492
Colleen Moreno

Patissa Natural Cream Puffs and Eclairs
Code #: 12517
6/30 ct.
Patissa Natural Vanilla Cream Puffs and Mini Éclairs are prepared with traditional scratch bakery recipes with premium ingredients, including 100% whipped dairy cream, eggs, sugar and enriched wheat flour.

Patissa Twisted Flatbread Chicken Bacon Ranch
Code #: 975386
9/1 ct.
This product is made with hand-stretched dough filled with tender dark chicken, shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, bacon and zesty ranch dressing.


1600 Pearl St., Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 652-0521
Brett Meltzer

EVOL Chicken Tikka Masala
Code #: 8 91627 01152 0
Featuring grilled white meat chicken, carrots, peas and white rice combined with tikka masala sauce. Gluten free. No artificial preservatives or fillers.

EVOL Bean, Rice & Cheddar Burrito
Code #: 8 91627 00255 9
Featuring pinto beans, rice, cheddar cheese and tomato salsa hand-rolled together in a flour tortilla. Vegetarian and 70% organic, with no artificial preservatives or fillers.

Udi’s Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza &
Udi’s Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza
Code #: 6 98997 80860 2
& 6 98997 80859 6
Made with savory sauce from vine-ripened tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, and spices spread over a thin and crispy gluten-free baked crust layered with premium toppings.

Udi’s Gluten Free Chicken Florentine
Code #: 6 98997 80765 0
The product, which takes only three minutes to prepare, features tender white-meat chicken, gluten-free fusilli pasta, spinach and fire-roasted tomatoes in a cream sauce.


13055 E. Molette St.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phone: (562) 677-5574
Fax: (562) 926-8630
David Weinberg

Crazy Cuizine Sweet Chili Chicken with Dipping Sauces
Code #: 73524 or 0-78139-73524-7
6/20 oz.
Battered breast meat chicken in a tangy, sweet-chili sauce.

Crazy Cuizine Chicken Potstickers in a Sweet Chili Lime Sauce
Code #: 71065 or 0-78139-71065-7
6/20 oz.
Authentic Asian-style gyoza/dumplings in a savory dipping sauce. Crazy Cuizine Potstickers may be served as an appetizer, side dish or snack.


1090 Springfield Rd.
Union, NJ 07083
Phone: (732) 331-9309
Fax: (908) 810-0942
Jesse Ryan

Deep-Foods---palakpaneerChicken Tikka Masala
Code #: TCTR
Boneless chicken breast marinated, roasted and simmered in a robust, creamy sauce.

Palak Paneer
Code #: TCMPP
Spinach and homemade-style cheese simmered and sautéed in a savory sauce.


One Dole Drive
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Phone: (818) 874-4915
Fax: (818) 874-4997
Monica Spiro

Pineapple Dippers
Code #: 71202-16304 (on retail carton) 71202-16303
These are fresh-frozen pineapple tidbits covered in rich dark chocolate and packaged in six single-serve pouches. The calorie count is 80 per unit.

Mandarin Sunshine Blend
Code #: 71202 14057
This 16 oz. sweet treat features frozen mandarins with pineapple and sliced Strawberries added for special toppings.


201 Littleton Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Phone: (862) 242-1544
Cell: (973) 668-8833
Fax: (973) 267-2361
Julia Lopez

All Natural Mediterranean Style Flatbread
Code #: P0410080
18.6 oz.
Mediterranean Style Flatbread topped with crème fraiche sauce, grilled peppers, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, black olive tapenade, artichokes, black olives and Romano cheese.

All Natural Stonebaked Garlic Cheese Flatbread
Code #: P4000016
10.2 oz.
Stonebaked crust topped with garlic butter and mozzarella cheese.

Vegetable Lasagna
Code #: P4000020
14.1 oz.
Pasta sheets covered with spinach, yellow peppers, tomatoes and fried onions.

Focaccia Sun Dry Tomato
Code #: H/400/13/30
10.1 oz.
Stonebaked bread topped with garlic, olive oil, Pecorino cheese and sun dried tomatoes.


200-12751 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC V6V3C8
Phone: (714) 315-8309
Fax: (604) 278-8238
Rick Bauman

gardein frz FishlessFilet US Sm-225x238Gardein Golden Fishless Filet
Code #: 8 42234 00170 1
10.1 oz. (288g.)
Nothing fishy here, and no cholesterol. Plenty of flavor and Omega 3s though. Gardein is made from non-GMO soy and wheat, grains and vegetables.

Gardein BBQ Pocket Meals with Pulled Porkless Shreds
Code #: 8 42234 00195 4
14.1 oz. (400g.)
This offering, presented as “comfort food meets healthier, hand-held convenience,” is also made from non-GMO soy and wheat, grains and vegetables.


1175 Regina Graeter Way
Cincinnati, OH 45216
Phone: (513) 679-2386
Fax: (513) 761-1909
George Denman

Graeter’s Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Code #: 7-31493-03130-0
8/16 oz.
Graeter’s French Pot ice cream infused with the flavor of Kentucky Bourbon with roasted, buttered and salted pecans, plus hand-crafted dark chocolate chips.


400 S. Jefferson St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312) 614-6177
Dennis Belcastro

delights-pulled-pork-in-chipotle-bbq-sauce-on-a-pretzel-bun-packakgingJimmy Dean Pulled Pork Sandwich
Code #: 77900365256
6 units/case
Slow-cooked pulled pork on a buttermilk biscuit that’s ready to heat and eat.

Jimmy Dean Delights 3 Cheese Pasta Bowl
Code #: 77900650444
8 units/case
Mozzarella, Parmesan and cheddar cheeses over pasta. Only 300 calories per serving.


18251-B Cascade Ave. S
Tukwila, WA 98188
Phone: (425) 251-3706
Fax: (425) 251-1565
Debbie Curdy

Thai-style Coconut Chicken
Code #: 11000
6/18 oz.
Chicken breast meat, red bell peppers, red potatoes, onions and peas simmered in Thai red curry sauce with fresh herbs.

Sriracha Chicken
Code #: 11001
6/18 oz.
Crispy white meat chicken breast tossed with a sweet and sour Thai chili sauce.

Sesame Chicken
Code #: 12038
6/18 oz.
Lightly battered tempura chicken breast with a sweet and savory sesame sauce.

Kung Pao Chicken
Code #: 12042
6/18 oz.
Grilled seasoned chicken breast meat, green beans, red bell peppers and water chestnuts with a spicy and savory sauce.


5415 E. High Street, Suite 350
Phoenix, AZ 85054
Phone: (623) 882-3942
Fax: (602) 522-2690
Dan Hammer

Jamba Red Fusion Fruit & Veggie Smoothie
Item #: 85167
8 oz.
New fusion smoothies take the guesswork out of making a fruit and vegetable smoothie that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and features 130 calories per eight-ounce glass. Just blend with juice and serve.

Jamba Blue Fusion Fruit & Veggie Smoothie
Item #: 85166
8 oz.
This one, line the Red Fusion offering, is equally suitable as breakfast on the go, a lunchtime snack or post workout replenishment.


6000 Central Highway
Pennsauken, NJ 08109
Phone: (856) 532-6614
Fax: (909) 218-3805
Bob Pape

Superpretzel Bavarian Soft Pretzel Rolls
Code #: 7590
12.75 oz.
Fully baked and microwaveable, they are promoted as “the perfect addition to soup and

Superpretzel Bavarian Soft Pretzel Sticks
Code #: 7859
12.75 oz.
These too are an positioned especially as an accompaniment for soup and salad.


935 Taylor Station Rd.
Columbus, OH 43230
Phone: (614) 416-6866
Fax: (614) 575-4477
Collin Sanders

Sonoma Flatbreads by Donatos Gluten-Free Uncured Pepperoni
Code #: 999
This product features nitrate and nitrite-free pepperoni and aged smoked provolone cheese. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Sonoma Flatbreads by Donatos Gluten-Free Chicken and Fire Roasted Peppers
Code #: 998
A new gluten-free pizza offering that features antibiotic-free chicken with savory fire roasted peppers. Again, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


500 Valley Forge Road
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Phone: (919) 593-6365
Fax: (919) 261-6842
Jonathan Mills

LunaPops, Sea Salt Caramel
Code #: 856767003231
4-3 fl. oz. pops, Net 12 fl. oz.
Small batch pops with no artificial preservatives and rBST dairy free.

LunaPops, Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Code #: 856767003194.00
4-3 fl. oz. pops, Net 12 fl. oz.
All natural, small batch pops made with real fruit and containing no artificial preservatives.


PMB 4600—250 H Street
Blaine, WA 98230
Phone: (844) 880-5886
Fax: (604) 247-0611
Jim Shankin/Ron Berkowitz

Chicken Poblano Verde Burrito
Code #: 10068
6 oz.
Seasoned chicken breast in a spicy green chili sauce with black beans and organic quinoa.

Orange Mango Chicken
Code #: 1000
10 oz.
Seasoned roasted chicken breast in tangy orange-mango sauce with green tea infused whole grains and steamed kale and broccoli.


333 S. Anita Drive, Suite 1000
Orange, CA 92868
Phone: (714) 385-4500
Fax: (714) 385-4501
Stephanie Bloch

Herdez Cocina Mexicana Pollo Asado Bowl
Code#: 26563
8/10 oz.
The product features tender chicken breast meat atop a bed of cilantro rice, with a dollop of jalapeno, rojo salsa.

Herdez Cocina Mexicana Carne Asada Bowl
Code#: 26568
8/9 oz.
Carne Asada bowls feature grilled steak atop a bed of Spanish rice, with a dollop of rojo salsa.


200 Michael Angelo Way
Austin, TX 78728
Phone: (512) 917-9909
Fax: (512) 218-3600
Joe Keip

Vegetable Lasagna with Kale
Code #: 037363-98627-6 and 037363-98625-2
8/11 oz. and 8/30 oz.
Michael Angelo’s vegetable lasagna has been updated to include eight garden
vegetables, nutrient-rich kale and a blend of rich ricotta and mozzarella cheese.

Lasagna with Meat Sauce
Code #: 037363 00612-7, 037363 98373-2, 037363 98581-1
and 037362 98285-8
8/11 oz., 8/32 oz., 6/46 oz. & 6/80 oz.
An authentic Italian recipe made with fresh beef, vine-ripened tomatoes and herbs that are sautéed and layered with firm, 100% semolina lasagna and a premium blend of Italian


707 Presidential Drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33435
Phone: (561) 309-7098
Fax: (561) 737-0762
Hope DeLong

Momma B’s All Natural Gluten Free Mac & Cheese
Code #: 410
12/11 oz.
Macaroni and cheese entree, prepared in the old fashioned casserole style using gluten-free pasta, in a creamy Monterey Jack cheese sauce topped with 90-day aged sharp cheddar cheese.

Momma B’s Chicken Alfredo
Code #: 409
6/28 oz.
Tender white meat chicken with penne pasta in a rich
creamy Alfredo sauce.


3301 W. Canal St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Phone: (414) 643-0919
Alecia C. Annacchino

Screamin-Sicilian-Bessie-Revenge-PizzaScreamin’ Sicilian Bessie’s Revenge Cheese Pizza
Net Wt. 20.80 oz. (1 lb 4.8 oz.) 590g.
Topped with robust tomato sauce, Wisconsin whole milk, Mozzarella,
Wisconsin Parmesan, Romano and White Cheddar Cheese.

Screamin’ Sicilian Spicy Clucker Pizza
Net Wt. 21.85 oz. (1 lb 5.85 oz.) 619g.
This produce features Ranch sauce, Wisconsin whole milk, Mozzarella and White Cheddar Cheese, bacon strips, pulled chicken and jalapeno wheels.


4412 West 44th Street
Chicago, IL 60632
Phone: (630) 821-4000 x19
Fax: (630) 821-4004
Alicia Neal

Path of Life All Natural Mediterranean Quinoa
Code #: 8-55229-00500-4
Cooked white and red quinoa with chopped spinach, sliced cherry
tomatoes, feta cheese crumbles, sautéed garlic, extra virgin olive
oil, basil, sea salt, and black pepper distributed in steamable bags.

Path of Life Pineapple Fruit Chocs
Code #: 48252-53911
Ripe and juicy pineapple chunks covered in rich dark chocolate.

Path of Life Organic Garbanzo Lentil Blend
Code #: 8-55229-00512-7
The recipe features garbanzo beans, organic lentils, organic tomatoes, organic basil, and organic olive oil.

Path of Life Organic Tropical Fruit Blend
Code #: 8-55229-00513-4
This organic product boasts strawberries, banana slices, mango chunks and pineapple chunks.


Ten Pictsweet Drive
Bells, TN 38006
Phone: (731) 663-7600
Fax: (888) 662-7651
Kevin Schwab

Pictsweet Frozen Chopped Spinach
Code #: 70560 97775
10/10 oz.
Packed in a 10 oz. flex pouch, this nutritious spinach is grown and packed in
the Western United States. It is promoted as “perfect for spinach dip and appetizer recipes.”

Pictsweet Frozen Edamame with Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt
Code #: 705760 97775
12/10 oz.
A proprietary variety of domestic soybeans selected for optimal flavor and texture. Packed
with protein, the addition of cracked pepper and sea salt enhances edamame’s natural flavor.


399 Jefferson Rd.
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: (973) 434-2870
Craig Sharer

Birds Eye Voila Fajita Chicken Complete Skillet Meal-Family Size
Code #: 0 14500 01513 6
42 oz.
Seasoned white chicken and rice in a fajita sauce with bell pepper strips and onions.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites Asian Style Rice
Code #: 1450001516
12 oz.
Lightly seasoned Asian-style rice with carrots, peas, edamame and onions.


311 West A Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Phone: (510) 856-4047
Fax: (408) 786-2710
Carol Savoy

Philly Cheesesteak
Code #: 7-66626-18571-1
1 ct. 5.5 oz.
Classic, handcrafted sandwich made with freshly-baked bread, richly seasoned meat and American cheese. Bread stays pillow-soft in microwave, and the product is ready to eat in 90 seconds.

Ham & Swiss Pretzel
Code #: 7-66626-28587-9
1 ct. 5.0 oz.
Hearty and handcrafted sandwich made with a soft, freshly-baked pretzel roll, smoked ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard. As with the above product, it’s ready to serve after 90 seconds of microwaving.


P.O. Box 20670
St. Simons Island, GA 31522
Phone: (912) 634-3011 or
(912) 342-3056
Fax: (912) 634-3112
Jim Motos

Rich-SeaPak-Shrimp-PotstickersFarm Rich Pizzeria Bites
Code #: 37511
5/19.2 oz.
Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and marinara sauce in a pizzeria-style crust.

SeaPak Shrimp Potstickers
Code #: 39035
8/18.1 oz.
Tender shrimp and pieces of crisp vegetables in a wheat wonton wrapper. Includes soy ginger dipping sauce.


170 French Road
Buffalo, NY 14227
Phone: (716) 668-0123
Fax: (716) 668-1132
Tom Finn

Cheese Tortellini
Code #: 48-12350A
13 oz.
This IQF pasta product is made with high quality ingredients such as finely milled, enriched Durum wheat flour. A ricotta and imported Pecorino Romano cheese blend enhances the flavor of the rich and creamy filling.

Gluten Free Meatballs
Code #: 40809
22 oz.
This product is an oven baked IQF 100% gluten-free meatball. The meat is delivered and grinded fresh daily with imported Pecorino Romano cheese and other spices because we believe that ingredients make the difference.


(The Hain Celestial Group)
1111 Marcus Ave.
Lake Success, NY 11042
Phone: (516) 587-5080
Jared Simon

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Garlic Toast
4 count / 9 oz.
Thick slices of Rudi’s gluten-free bakery bread topped with garlic buttery spread.

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Cheesy Toast
4 count / 9 oz.
Thick slices of Rudi’s gluten-free bakery bread topped with garlic butter and cheese spread.


Safron-Road---Bibimbop Beef1177 Summer St., 3rd Floor
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: (503) 708-9789
Fax: (203) 961-1198
Todd Tolboe

Saffron Road Korean Bibimbop with Beef
Code #: 8-57063-00217-1
10 oz.
Bibimbop was a royal dish prepared for nobles in Korea. Saffron Road’s offering is a bold mixture of Gochujang sauce marinated brown rice with vegetables in tender grilled sirloin strips.


15815 S.E. Piazza Ave.
Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: (503) 542-8459
Fax: (503) 656-3928
Stephen A. Piazza II

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Super-Sized Pizza
Code #: FZ-10175-10177, 10265
36.30 oz.-38.80 oz.
Promoted as “the largest frozen pizza” in the category, the product is made completely from scratch using a family sauce recipe and a 4-Cheese Blend.

Wild Mike’s Ultimate 12 in. 3-pack Pizza
Code #: FZ-30220-30222, 30265
20.92 oz.-38.80 oz.
Wild Mike’s competitively priced 3-pack pizza is made completely from scratch.


One Persnickety Place
Plymouth, WI 53073
Phone: (920) 946-4678
Fax: (920) 893-8399
John Arnold

Tuscan Chicken with Parmesan & Swiss Cheese in Tomato Phyllo Shells
Grilled chicken blended with basil pesto, roasted bell peppers and shredded Parmesan cheese baked in Phyllo pastry shells, layered with Swiss cheese and topped with fine shredded Parmesan cheese.

Crab Palmiers with Longhorn Colby & Baby Swiss Cheeses
Lump crab layered with Longhorn Colby and Swiss cheeses rolled in puff pastry and baked until golden brown and crispy.


1130 Shelley St.
Springfield, OR 97477
Phone: (541) 228-8761
Fax: (541) 743-4333
Elizabeth St Clair

So-Delicious---coco-ice-minis-bar-simply-strawberrySo Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert – Simply Strawberry
Code #: 47006
16 oz. pint
This strawberry pint is an addition to the So Delicious coconut milk frozen dessert line. Available in January 2015, it is certified organic and contains no artificial ingredients.

So Delicious Dairy Free CocoWhip! – Original
Code #: 89997
9 oz. tub
The product, made from certified organic, non-GMO coconuts, will be available in April 2015 in Original and Lite recipes.


1105 Schrock Road, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43229
Phone: (614) 396-5740
Fax: (614) 396-0885
Ernie Grindstaff

Presto Pasta by Reames
Code #: 41308 01060
8/20 oz.
This pasta goes from freezer to table in five minutes. No boiling is required, as it microwaves in a steam pouch.

New York Brand Garlic Soft Pull Aparts
Code #: 41308 00527
8/12 oz.
Shareable garlic bread. Eight distinctive rolls hand crafted into a
loaf and covered with New York Brand signature garlic spread.


Tyson-Pulled-Pork-Loin2200 Don Tyson Parkway
Springdale, AR 72762
Phone: (336) 428-3101
Fax: (336) 428-3101
Michael St. John

Tyson Parmesan Herb Encrusted Chicken Strips
Code #: 0-23700-04018 4
25 oz.
This product is loaded with a blend of herbs, Parmesan and
Romano cheeses and a crispy breading.

Tyson Grilled & Ready Pulled Pork Loin
Code #: 0-23700-04004 6
18 oz.
Grilled & Ready Pulled Pork Loin is offered as a meal starter right out of the freezer. Versatile
and convenient, it is ideal for enchiladas and BBQ sandwiches.


82 First Street
Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: (480) 258-0645
Natasha Lund

Creamy Cajun Style Pasta
Code#: 71429012516 8 per case
Seasoned grilled white meat chicken and rotini pasta in a
savory, creamy, cajun sauce.

Blackened Chicken Alfredo Snacker
Code #: 71429012509
8 per case
Zesty creamy cheese sauce and seasoned white meat chicken in a golden crust.