Carvel and Rich Say ‘Have Your Ice Cream Cake and Cookie Dough, Too’

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Carvel Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake, previously available only in Carvel stores, is now for sale at leading retail supermarket chains in the USA. The popular sweet treat features chunks of cookie dough pieces, creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream and chocolate crunchies, finished with whipped icing and a chocolatey drizzle.

This latest exclusive “I Love Ice Cream Cakes” dessert, made by Rich Products in partnership with Carvel, is priced at $14.99 per 32-ounce box.

“Whether it was at a birthday party or in line at an ice cream shop, we’ve all made memories enjoying two of life’s best desserts, ice cream and cake,” said Kimberly O’Brien, Shopper Marketing Manager for Rich Products’ Buffalo, New York-based In-Store Bakery & Deli Division. “The past year, more people have purchased ice cream cakes than ever before, and this cookie dough flavor gives cake lovers a nostalgic treat to enjoy for dessert, a reward or just a small moment of happiness.”

The Carvel Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake is loaded with real chocolate chip cookie dough pieces, one of the fastest growing dessert flavors in North America and a Top 10 favorite ice cream topping. The pieces are blended with vanilla and chocolate ice cream separated by a layer of Carvel chocolate crunchies. The ice cream cake is topped with whipped icing, a border of chocolate chips and cookie dough pieces and finished with a circular-design chocolate drizzle.