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Celebratory Year for Alaska Copper River King and Sockeye Salmon Fleet

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Alaska’s 2023 Copper River salmon season has wrapped up on a high note, as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) summary reports that the Copper River Sockeye run was above preseason forecast with regular short duration fishing periods during the first month of the fishery and extended duration fishing periods for the next two months. ADFG also reports that 10,432 Copper River King Salmon and 855,202 Copper River Sockeye were commercially harvested during the season.

Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association Executive Director Christa Hoover reports that the fleet of more than 500 fishermen is happy with the harvest. She commented:

“Overall, everyone that I’ve talked with said it was a great season on the Flats, with robust fish and lots of fishing time. The response to the quality and legacy of our fish at the retail and restaurant level, both large and small, was very positive. Copper River Kings and Sockeyes were called out by name and featured prominently in seafood cases and on specialty menus around the United States.”

Meanwhile, for consumers who missed the chance to buy the salmon fresh in season, Hoover reminds everyone that there’s still time to join the party as Copper River Salmon can be ordered in frozen, canned and/or smoked forms from these direct market fishermen and processors. Products are mailed directly to consumers and the last date for holiday shipments is December 18.