Colorless Spirulina Key Ingredient in New Breaded Chicken Cutlet Analog

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SimpliiGood by AlgaeCore Technologies has unveiled a breaded chicken cutlet analog composed primarily of the nutritious microalgae spirulina. The plant-based version of a breaded cut of chicken not only takes on the appearance, flavor, and structure of real chicken breast but also possesses a naturally dense nutritional profile.

Catering to the growing field of “meatless meat,” the novel cut is composed of 80% minimally processed spirulina microalgae, to which is added prebiotic fibers. The new adaptation offers health and environmentally conscious consumers a highly nutritious, clean-label, alternative to chicken nuggets.

Bursting boundaries

“We started out as cultivators of fresh spirulina, but then we began to think of ways to take the formulation of this highly sought ingredient beyond the boundary of the capsule matrix and into the mainstream of the plant-based food landscape. Microalgae such as spirulina is a high-value and eco-friendly alternative protein source. That’s how we evolved into spirulina innovators,” explained Lior Shalev, chief executive officer and co-founder of SimpliiGood.

Spirulina is heralded as a powerhouse of value-added plant-based food products due to its rich composition of whole protein and its impressive profile of vitamins and minerals. It is a particularly good source of iron, calcium, B vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a highly desirable supplement choice for a broad population of consumers.

SimpliiGood prides itself as the first start-up to cultivate and formulate with 100% pure, raw, fresh spirulina that is flash-frozen as opposed to the dried, powdered form currently dominating the market. The Ra’anana, Israel-based company asserts that in this form the renowned blue-green algae is delivered with the highest, and most highly bioavailable, nutrient content. It has no off-flavors or aromas.

Pioneering Colorless Spirulina

“Leveraging the unique properties of spirulina on our proprietary texturizing platform addresses the problematic sensory challenges while enhancing its potency and functionality,” said Shalev. “This broadens its applications beyond the exceptional nutritional profile and high concentration of protein to being a clean-label potential to replace thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, binders and texturizers in multiple applications. Plus our naturally color-free version is an excellent replacer for synthetic colorants.”

The company’s technology for mimicking whole-muscle animal protein transforms spirulina into a satisfying whole cut clean of toxins, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals and environmental pollutants.

Baruch Dach, SimpliiGood’s founder and chief technology officer explained that its creation has been a work in progress, starting from a minced prototype to achieving the next level of complexity of recreating whole a chicken breast filet in both succulent texture and appearance.

“It possesses a completely neutral taste, giving the formulator a ‘blank canvas’ to add whatever flavors desired,” said Dach. “One can also use it as the basis for a hybrid product, infusing a minimal dose of real chicken into the spirulina matrix, or apply it as an extender to support and nutritionally enhance ground meat formulations.”

Beyond attaining the desired sensorial properties, one of the greatest hurdles in producing plant-based alternatives is incorporating sufficient protein and nutrients to bring them nutritionally on par with animal-based proteins.

Noting that the SimpliiGood nuggets analog offers a nutritionally dense bite owed to the inherently nutritious profile of fresh spirulina, Dach added: “A hundred grams of our microalgae provides the equivalent of 200 grams of real chicken in protein load. Each cut packs in 30% highly bioavailable protein. Combined with its rich natural makeup of micronutrients, it offers a potent alternative to animal protein with exceptional nutritional value.”

Scaling Up

The launch of SimpliGood’s chicken breast analog follows the successful introduction of its vegan 95% spirulina-based smoked salmon replica last year. The company projects that product will be rolled out commercially in the coming year.

SimpliiGood is a vertically integrated enterprise that cultivates its spirulina in greenhoused ponds within the sun-drenched southern desert region of Israel. It is currently ramping up capacity to produce 250 tons of spirulina per year, with a harvest every 24 hours, making it a highly commercially viable plant-based protein source.

The company recently joined forces with the Haifa Group in a move to further bolster its supply chain, leveraging its ready-to-use nutrient mixtures for wider commercial production. This move will help ensure security and price stability for the reliable consistent supply of its raw material and boost time-to-market of its microalgae innovations.