Rolli Rolls in Paris with Silver SIAL Innovation Honors

It was double happiness for Industrie Rolli Alimentari at the bustling SIAL exhibition in Paris on October 22 as the Parma, Italy-headquartered company won a Silver SIAL Innovation Award to go with a previously announced Grand Prix for its Pesticide-free Frozen Vegetables in Paper-based Bag entry. Judges were impressed with the product’s clean-label and overall green ambiance as well as the tasty and nutritious content of green beans, peas, minestrone sliced courgettes, cauliflower florets, spinach leaves, broccoli florets, mixed grilled vegetables, artichoke hearts, spinach and grilled aubergines.

Roli winsThe Gold Award went to Namaste Water Kefir from Papadopolous Iordanis of Greece, while the Bronze Award was presented to Betters International of the USA for its BeKids freeze-dried fruit popsicle stick for children. Cocasse of France copped the inaugural SIAL Innovation Hopefuls Award for its tomato, beet and carrot bars.

The competition was intense as 2,355 new products were entered for consideration. Judges narrowed the finalist list down to 801 products to contend for 15 Grand Prix honors and four top prizes.

Rolli’s victorious vegetables, already available in Italy in 450-gram retail bags, will soon enter the French market, according to Francois Gonon, who is director general of operations in France. Further distribution in Europe and elsewhere will follow.

Gonon RoliFrancois Gonon is all smiles at Rolli’s SIAL stand as the company won a prestigious Silver SIAL Innovation award for the eco line of frozen vegetables in biodegradable paper packaging.

“Consumers concerned about food safety may rest assured that the vegetables in our bags contain zero residue from pesticides,” said Luca Tomasella of Rolli. “Trustworthy farmers who supply us follow strict procedures in all that they do – from planting to harvesting. Approximately 7,000 hectares currently under cultivation are regularly monitored for compliance.”

Adding to the product’s attractiveness is the fact that its paper-based packaging is 100% biodegradable, which means environmentally friendly degradation of the bag occurs naturally in a matter of months. This in sharp contrast to poly bags, as plastic molecules take hundreds or thousands years to break down.

Tomasella believes the eco vegetables will appeal to a wide base of consumers in Europe, North America and beyond because “it’s good for the planet and tastes good too.”

About the Company

Founded in 1958, Industrie Rolli Alimentari is a diversified private label frozen food manufacturer and marketer, with roots dating back to 1941 as a tomato paste maker. In addition to selling frozen vegetables produced in eco-sustainable and pesticide-free environments, it offers authentic Italian pizza (wood fired, stone baked and organic), ready meals and snacks.

Production takes place at two factories. The plant located in Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo) is dedicated to frozen vegetables and stir-fry entrees, while the Parma facility specializes in frozen pizza, snacks and block frozen entrees.