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With Sharp Vegetable Forward Focus, McCain Fosters Strong Roots Growth

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McCain Foods has strengthened its business relationship with Strong Roots, a Dublin, Ireland-based frozen food producer of Cauliflower Hash Browns, Mixed Root Vegetable Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Spinach Bites, Kale & Quinoa Burgers, and other offerings including Thai Green Veg Curry and Greek Orzo Pasta Bake entrees. Its products are sold at over 10,000 retail stores spanning the globe from the UK and Ireland to Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, North America, Australia and Singapore.

The two brands began their strategic partnership in 2021, with McCain investing to expand the Strong Roots product line. It operates as a distinct business under the leadership of Charlotte Turton and founder Samuel Dennigan, who are work along side the team to propel innovation and brand growth.

“This investment bolsters our commitment to planet-friendly food, enabling us to extend our portfolio of healthier options that are grown, processed and shipped in a sustainable manner. We are excited to continue our journey to scale the Strong Roots brand globally,” said Jillian Moffatt, regional president of McCain GB & Ireland.

Meanwhile, an advisory council is being instituted that will include Strong Roots’ founder and members of both the Strong Roots and McCain teams, as well as external advisors, to position the brand and business for future growth.

“Since 2021, our partnership with Strong Roots has reflected our ambition to invest for the future, and to diversify our portfolio to ensure we continue to meet evolving consumer demands,” said Peter Dawe, McCain’s chief growth and strategy officer. “We are excited to help further accelerate growth, bringing natural, simple meals and ingredients to even more customers in retail and foodservice markets.”

Strong Roots products have thus far joined McCain’s foodservice portfolio in Great Britain and Ireland and the retail range in France, with further plans to scale both retail and foodservice offerings further afield. Strong Roots operates as a distinct business under the leadership of Charlotte Turton and founder Samuel Dennigan, who are working alongside the team to propel further portfolio innovation and brand growth.