Flair Flexible Packaging Expands Rollstock Film Program

Complementing the recent relaunch of the PLATiNUM line of forming and non-forming films, Flair Flexible Packaging has enhanced its pre-slit film program. Implemented to provide accelerated access to standard-barrier and high-barrier forming and non-forming films, the new program eliminates lead times needed to obtain 25 different web widths commonly utilized in thermoforming packaging processes.

PLATiNUM forming films feature a combination of formulation and production technologies. An optimized cast extrusion process imparts minimal stretching in production, resulting in improved gauge (thickness) consistency and formability – especially in deep-draw applications, enhanced puncture resistance, high clarity and sealing properties.

Flair’s highly resilient coextruded and laminated non-forming films boast smooth clean cutting and remarkable resistance to wrinkling. Additionally, hot-tack properties and ability to seal through contaminants create reliable primary and secondary seals, while product contact clarity and optical properties enhance finished product appearance and shelf-appeal.

For 25-years, the Appleton, Wisconsin, USA-based company has provided innovative solutions to food manufacturers’ packaging challenges. Flair is committed to providing materials that improve product protection and preservation, while enhancing presentation and promotion. Its technical engineering helps products stand up, while advanced printing makes them stand out.