SORTEX F PolarVision™ sorter redresses safety concerns

The Bühler Group, a leading provider of optical sorting solutions, has announced two significant innovations to help frozen fruit and vegetable processors achieve the highest standards yet in food safety and hygiene.

SORTEX PolarVision™ technology – actively targets difficult-to-detect FM

SORTEX PolarVision cameraThe SORTEX PolarVision™ technology platform is a sophisticated foreign material detection system delivering outstanding results, in a wide array of frozen produce. It works by combining two dedicated detection technologies – SORTEX PolarCam™ and high definition InGaAsHD.

The state-of-the art SORTEX PolarCam™ technology targets the spectral and spatial differences between good produce and foreign material whilst high definition InGaAsHD cameras detect foreign materials that cannot be seen in the visible spectrum resulting in outstanding separation of hazardous foreign materials such as snails, dark, light and coloured plastics as well as cigarette butts which have been historically difficult to remove.

All-New SORTEX F - dedicated optical sorter based on hygienic design principles

To maximise the full potential of the SORTEX PolarVision™, Bühler has developed a dedicated sorting platform – the SORTEX F optical sorter – which features a unique hygienic design with the most open and accessible frame the market has ever seen.

Low SortexF angle RThe SORTEX F ensures there is no tolerance for product build-up or contamination thanks to its stainless steel frame, sloped surfaces, hygienic conduits and hygienic grade fixings.

It uses a sophisticated combination of camera technology including Bühler’s custom-built colour cameras, PROfile™ shape sorting technology and now the SORTEX PolarVision™ detection system, to eliminate gross and subtle colour defects, shape deformities and hazardous foreign materials with ease.

Examples of foreign materials removed by the SORTEX F PolarVision™ optical sorter:

FM image

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