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Nearly 40,000 Visitors Check Out Latest Equipment at Anuga FoodTec

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Anuga FoodTec 2024 concluded on March 22 after a successful four-day run in Cologne, Germany. From freezing, packaging and cooking systems to slicers, dicers, formers and much more, there was plenty of state-of-art equipment and technology at the fairgrounds of significant interest to frozen food producers keen on increasing efficiencies and cutting costs.

“Responsibility” was the main theme of the trade show, and its extensive conference program zeroed in on providing answers to questions about alternative protein sources, energy and water management, digitalization and artificial intelligence. New technologies and concepts for sustainable management of natural resources along the entire value creation chain were presented.

The exhibition’s organizer, Koelnmesse GmbH, reported that 1,307 companies and nearly 40,000 trade visitors from 133 countries participated in the event, “reinforcing the position of Anuga FoodTec as a pioneer for future-related solutions in food technology.”

The team on the scene visited many stands to learn about new and updated product lines and take the industry’s pulse. Among the companies called on was Kontich, Belgium-headquartered FAM Stumabo, where Guy Baeten, strategic business development director, and Nathalie Demeulemeester, marketing and communications manager, filled us in on their latest launches: the Yuran Hytec 300 and SureTec 240.

The Yuran Hytec 300 (pictured above) is a versatile machine designed to dice, strip-cut and shred a wide variety of meat, poultry and alternative protein inputs. This cutting-edge equipment offers enhanced processing capabilities compared to its predecessor.

Key features of the Yuran Hytec 300 are:
Increased capacity. Its 300 mm wide conveyor belt allows an increased feeding capacity, accommodating products with larger dimensions.
Versatile cutting options. Dual independent variable-speed motors enable precise adjustments to cut size and shape without the need for additional cutting tools.
Efficient changeovers. Quick-removable splined shafts of the cutting spindles facilitate fast changeovers from one cut size to another, reducing downtime in the production process.
Hygienic design. The smart hygienic design ensures easy, thorough, and safe 
cleaning of the machine.
Product is fed via the belt and guided towards the feed roll, ensuring a positive transfer into the circular knives. These circular knives cut the inputs into strips, which are then diced by the crosscut knife spindle at the desired height or length. The machine also offers the option of a pre-break system for initial reduction in combination with subsequent cutting and shredding spindles.

Successful Applications
The Yuran Hytec 300 finds excels in cutting fresh, crust-frozen, tempered frozen, and cooked meat-and poultry products. It excels in providing efficient and consistent “pulled look” shredding of cooked beef, poultry, and pork meats, making it ideal for BBQ meats, salad and pizza toppings, sandwiches, and handheld snacks. The specialized cutting tools are designed to handle the unique characteristics of extruded products, creating alternative meat products in familiar cuts and shapes.

SureTec 240

The SureTec 240 is the latest addition to Fam Stumabo’s wide range of fruit and vegetable cutters. This high-capacity machine, ideally suited for frozen vegetable and large fresh vegetable processors, guarantees peak production in heavy-duty production circumstances. Reliability and durability are essential elements.

The cutting machine features the unique concept of the SureCut Unit (SCU), which allows the cutting components to be pre-assembled in one piece and perfectly adjusted, away from the machine. Furthermore, it permits even non-technically trained operators to change and install the cutting tools on the machine in a very fast, uncomplicated, and error-free manner.
The SureTec 240 allows processors to dice a wide variety of softer fruit products such as mango, apples, pears and strawberries. Also, harder root vegetables like carrots, turnip and celeriac fall within the possibilities of the cutting machine. Other successful products are beetroot, broccoli, onions and potatoes.
The machine is equipped with a large drum accepting a maximum infeed product of 240 mm (9.44“) in any dimension. This ensures a reduction of the need for pre-cutting of the products.
The durable components that are used in the machine, which is easy to clean, assure a long service life. The slipper clutch and slip detection system will avoid expensive downtimes and prevent the parts form severe damage or wear. The drive zone is quickly accessible thanks to the hinged electrical cabinet.

Heinen on the Move

It was good to catch up with Heinen Managing Director Jochen Hottinger and Area Sales Manager Michael Hase at the show, especially since 2024 marks another milestone in the company’s long history. After 167 years, the firm has left its traditional home base in Varel, Germany, where Anton Heinen founded the business in 1856. Its new, modern and expanded facilities are situated in Jade.

Heinen Managing Director Jochen Hottinger (left) and Area Sales Manager Michael Hase.

“In our approximately 3,000-square-meter hall, complemented by about 5,000 square meters of outdoor storage space, we will continue to manufacture state-of-the-art machines for pasteurizing, fermenting, cooling and freezing food products, maintaining the proven quality of Heinen,” said Mr. Hottinger. “The move from our historic founding location to a new site was a necessary decision, driven by the growth of our company, especially in international markets, over the past 10 years.”

With over 120 employees on the payroll, Heinen now produces its wide range of high-performance machines at a sophisticated manufacturing site that includes an office building, test center for product trials, and facilities for research and development. Also, engine test stands and an area for the development of modern hygienic design components and cleaning equipment such as the freezerfoamer® are part of the highly functional layout.

Meanwhile, the establishment two years ago of the company’s first foreign subsidiary, Heinen USA Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia, underscores the continuing internationalization of the operation.

Mr. Hottinger was pleased to inform that Heinen is shipping two carton freezers from Germany to the customers United States. Eight other systems have already been installed in the growing North American market. Further afield, the first sales have been made in Korea and Malaysia.

“We are concentrating on the chicken industry in the United States, as well as the bakery sector,” said Hottinger. “In South America, the focus is on mackerel freezing systems.”


Brugge, Belgium-headquartered Pattyn featured a live demonstration of a complete packaging line, showcasing the capabilities of a number of its systems, including the following:

• ZIM-31. the intelligent bag inserter that minimizes your packaging costs

• LVF-14. presented as the ideal solution that seamlessly combines weighing and filling of delicate products

• DS-31. a high-performance bag sealer that protects products and maximize your productivity.

Among other high-tech machines and technology on display at Anuga FoodTec 2024, which will be covered in subsequent articles at the webiste, are systems from Tomra, Key Technology, Octofrost, Multi-Fill, Case Packing Systems, Blueprint Automation, TNA, Kiremko and Cabinplant.

— Reported by John Saulnier