From Arctic Spiral System to the Proofline Heinen Offers Food Processors Solutions

Varel, Germany-based Heinen Freezing GmbH & Co. KG specializes in offering the food industry solutions and systems for proofing, cooling, freezing, pasteurizing and storing for the food industry. With a product portfolio of five different spiral freezing and cooling units, two fluidized bed freezer models and a multistage buffer freezer system Heinen has versatile solutions for different applications, as detailed below.

heinen131003 01The arctic is a universal and flexible spiral system for conveying, cooling and freezing meat, fish, poultry, baked goods and a large range of other food products. It can handle medium to large capacities.  For start-up food producers or small productions a compact system is available.
Assembly in premounted modules allows for quick onsite installation as single drum or double drum, as an upward or downward conveying system in belt widths from 660 mm to 1,422 mm. Depending on the product line, the arctic is equipped with 12 to 36 tiers for capacities from 500 kg per hour to 5,000 kg per hour. The central drive underneath the drum has no chains or any other open greasing points. Air flow depends on the process and product. Capable of operating for 144 hours without interruption, the arctic’s sequential defrost mechanism is a regarded as a plus for frozen food producers.

Production time is valuable. Every minute of usable plant time is important and every minute of downtime due to maintenance or cleaning causes added costs. Therefore efficient options are recommended for the arctic series, as follows:

  • energySAV.® - The upgrade for reduced energy consumption and operating costs.
  • condiMOT.® - Automated condition monitoring for the entire system.
  • Hygienic cabling - An option for improving general hygiene and cleanliness around the plant.
  • Combined with fully welded insulated housing, which is placed on the flat floor of the building, as well as a base frame or concrete foundations, the highest possible hygiene standards for food production are offered.

heinen131003 02For smaller production runs or production of specialities, Heinen offers the compact or compact duo spiral systems. These systems also have specified options but are different in size and delivered as plug-and-play units.