Frozen and Fresh Produce Conference Set for Brussels

profel logoPROFEL, the European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processors, and Freshfel, the European Fresh Produce Association, will join forces in holding their first cross-sector conference on June 20 at the Thon Hotel EU in Brussels, Belgium. Business sessions will kick off at 10 AM and run through 4 PM, following a dinner and informal networking session at the BelVue Museum on the evening of June 19.

freshfel logoThe theme of the conference, “Fruit & Vegetables – Healthy and Sustainable Solutions to Europe’s Food Challenges,” will be explored in detail as a panel of experts on nutrition, sustainability, marketing and policy discuss the subject and suggest ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. Among confirmed speakers are David Hughes of Imperial College, Daniel Fritz of EU Insight, and Jens Tuider of VEBU, the German Vegetarian Union.

Registration information is available by telephoning either Brussels-based PROFEL (+32 2 761 16 56) or Freshfel (+32 2 777 15 80).