Greenyard Foods Reorganizing Polish Frozen Division

Gent, Belgium-headquartered Greenyard Foods announced on March 16 that it will centralize its frozen food processing and packing operations in Poland from two manufacturing sites of Lipno and Elk into a single site at Lipno, where it plans major investments to realize efficiency improvements. Storage activities will remain in Elk. As a result, the net impact on employment will leave the Polish organization with approximately 60 people on the job. Employees affected by the restructuring will be assisted in finding new employment.

"Operational excellence is a key strategic priority for Greenyard Foods," said CEO Marleen Vaesen. "The reorganization in Poland is an important step to further optimize our operational activities by concentrating activities in fewer factories. We are confident the centralization and investments will contribute to our growth in Poland and the Frozen Division as a whole."

The reorganization, which will be initiated in the Spring of 2015, fits in the four strategic priorities of Greenyard Foods: focus on both customer and consumer, operational excellence, cash flow improvements and investing in the organization. The Group is continuously investigating opportunities to further improve efficiency. The reorganization and investment in Poland is the result of a detailed analysis, including agriculture supply and infrastructure.