How Tweet it is, Birds Eye’s Mash#Tags Potato Shapes

Do you want beer with that?

As British frozen food brand icon Birds Eye prepares to roll out Mash#Tags, one wonders just how well the Twitter-inspired potato shapes will pair with a bottle of #MashTag democratic brown ale that Scottish craft brewery BrewDog began pouring at its bars last summer.

140221 personnel will not be able to answer the above question until they receive sample packs of the #new, #tasty, and pot@to-shaped spuds along with a case or two of BrewDog’s barking 7.5% American Brown Ale loaded with New Zealand hops and aged on Hazelnuts and Oak chips.

Meanwhile, as the team waits for delivery, let’s soberly address Bird Eye’s impending launch.

While alphabet fries are not likely to be dismissed from supermarket freezer cases any time soon, Birds Eye’s new product is academically aimed at appealing to both the online and offline tastes of IT-enthusiastic kids and their parents. Bags containing 450 grams of real potato-based #@* extrusions, accompanying a few smiley face shapes thrown in for good measure, are expected to be selling for approximately £1.75 at leading UK retail stores in March.

140221 birds-eye-mashtags-540x334The addition of Mash#Tags to our food range is an exciting development,” said Pete Johnson, Birds Eye’s senior brand manager. “Social media is all about conversation, and we’re confident Mash#Tags will resonate across various groups of people. We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and inspire consumers and hope that Mash#Tags will get people talking around the table and help to make meal times more enjoyable.”

Right, but as far as stimulating meaningful family table talk is concerned, children of all ages will first have to set switch off – or at least mute – their smart phones for a bit.