CP Vietnam Again Ranks No. 1 in Frozen Food Category Competition

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CP Vietnam Corporation for the second year in a row has been second to none in the frozen food category of the Vietnam Top 10 Food Reputation Awards competition. Vice President Sakchai Chatchaisophon received kudos for the top rated achievement on behalf of the company during a recent ceremony held at the National Convenience Centre in Hanoi.

Criteria for winning the prestigious award, which has been organized by Vietnam Report and the Vietnam Net since 2017, includes financial performance, publicity and positive credibility survey results.

Among other things, CP Vietnam has been lauded for sharing modern technology knowhow, including safe food production systems from Thailand, to the Vietnam market.The company has also placed importance in the principles of the circular economy to reduce negative impact on the environment in accordance with stated policy of the CP-CPF Group.

Additionally, CP Vietnam has been engaged in multiple social contribution activities such as blood drive donations, reforestation efforts, and food delivery campaigns to help medical personnel serve those in need during the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic.

CP Vietnam produces a wide range of poultry, pork and seafood products. In addition to supplying the domestic market, exports are shipped to customers elsewhere in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Australia, Europe and beyond.