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Freschetta Returns to ‘Heritage’ Green Packaging Scene

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Freschetta Returns to ‘Heritage’ Green Packaging Scene
In Bid to Capture Bigger Slice of Pizza Market in North America

In a move to stand apart from the crowd, the Freschetta pizza team with Schwan’s Consumer Brands is thinking outside the box – the frozen pizza box, that is!

Freschetta pizza has shed its old green-and-white packaging in favor of its original all-green “heritage” box, which hails back to when the consumer favorite first launched in 1996. And, so far, the response has been huge. Since the switch to the new packaging this year, the Freschetta line-up has become a big hit, with product moving off the shelf 63% more quickly than last year.

Freschetta pizza has always been a pizza the whole family loves, but consumer insights revealed that since the packaging was getting lost in the grocery freezer, shoppers were having trouble finding it,” said Bob Waldron, president of Bloomington, Minnesota, USA-based Schwan’s Consumer Brands “It became evident that returning to our ‘heritage’ of all-green packaging makes the brand not only easy to see but also reminds consumers of the brand they have loved for so many years.”

The heritage green packaging features the Freschetta brand’s color-coding system for categorizing crust type and flavor – whether it be Brick Oven™ or Naturally Rising, Margherita or Chicken Club – which further helps consumers to quickly identify what they are looking for.

The return to the original heritage green packaging also reflects the importance the makers of Freschetta pizza places on the high-quality reputation it has maintained since its inception. The pizzas feature only premium ingredients: 100% real and all-natural cheeses (never cheese fillers); olive oil and sea salt; sauces made from ripe tomatoes; generously sliced vegetables flash-frozen at the peak of freshness to ensure the best taste and to preserve valuable nutrients; and the finest meats, like special-recipe pepperoni, seasoned sausage and lean Canadian-style bacon.

Freschetta pizzas retail for $6.69 and are available in the frozen food section of supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the USA and Canada.