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Frostkrone’s Lava Bites Hot Stuff at Anuga’s Taste Innovation Show

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The Frostkrone Food Group was a big winner at the Taste Innovation Show competition during the recently held Anuga B2B trade fair in Cologne. A specialist jury applauded the company’s 15-gram pre-fried deep-frozen Lava Bites.

“Just one bite and the creamy cheddar cheese flows slowly and unstoppably from the crispy batter-like liquid magma. And the jalapeños add the hot kick,” boasts the Reitberg, Germany-headquartered producer.

A lot of things have happened to the frozen finger food and snack specialist in recent years. The Frostkrone Food Group has expanded with the addition of France-based Varenne Gastronomie and Piz`wich Europe companies, and Rite Stuff Foods Inc. of the USA.

All finger food and snacks, which are available from the groups, can now be found in freezer chests at supermarkets, discount stores, foodservice outlets and snack locations throughout most of Europe as well as in parts of the North America and Asia.

Exceptionally Trendy

The Fingerfood & Snacks category is a fast moving, rapidly changing market where consumers demand not only variety but also topical, up to date flavors to savor. Therefore, the Frostkrone Food Group believes it is extremely important that the latest trends are presented, and can be found, in the frozen food sections of retail stores.

In addition to Lava Bites, the Frostkrone team presented five new XTREME products at the Anuga exhibition, as follows:

Maxxarella Sticks are promoted as “probably the longest cheese treat that one can fit between two fingers and, due to a unique manufacturing process, the mozzarella inside can be drawn out enormously. The cheese is melted delicately and then served in finely seasoned crispy breadcrumbs, baked to an appealing golden yellow finish.”

Crack ’n Cheese Cubes provide foodservice operators and consumers with a high degree of design freedom for serving and decorating due to their cube shape. The extremely crunchy shell made of extra-crispy baking dough conceals a flavorful macaroni baked in hearty cheese sauce and crispy bacon.

Apple Love Balls may be served as a finger food dessert at parties, hot with ice cream, or as a sweet snack for travelers on trains and planes.

Chilled Schococups in Cookie, Cheesecake-Strawberry, Stracciatella and Passion Fruit-Peach varieties can be picked up from the fresh food counter and enjoyed as a sweet treat, a small dessert or just simply with coffee.

Two new, special Pizza Pockets are also available: Pizza Pocket Breakfast filled with hearty, filling scrambled eggs, spicy Cheddar cheese and finely fried potatoes; and Pizza Pocket Organic filled with tender melted Mozzarella, tomatoes and spicy Pesto sauce.

The Pocket Snack products may be prepared either in a microwave or conventional oven. Pizza Pockets are positioned as “perfectly suited for bake-off stations, fuel stations and corner shops due to their practical shape and their simple preparation method.”