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Frozen Steaks Sizzling Choice for Hot Summer BBQ Grilling Across America

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A recent Harris Poll commissioned by online and mail order premium frozen meat specialist Omaha Steaks has found that while 40% of shoppers in the United States have cut back on purchases as inflation and the cost of living have increased – over half (55%) are unwilling to sacrifice summer barbecue grill-out occasions with family and friends.

More than 2,000 adults were surveyed in April to better gauge how changing food purchasing habits impact Americans’ attitudes and behaviors around grilling and shopping, how they plan to spend their time this summer, how they’ll celebrate Father’s Day and other related topics. Summaries of the findings follow:

Budget and Quality Concerns at the Grocery Store

Seventy percent of those polled are struggling to stay on budget and the same amount are looking to reduce how much meat they throw away at home due to spoilage. So it should come as no surprise that more consumers are turning to frozen meat to combat fresh meat waste (56%) and offset rising prices (45%).  However, while the majority are doing most shopping in grocery stores, less than half (44%) agree they can find quality meat options in the freezer sections of grocery stores.

“The foundation for a great meal is quality ingredients, especially when selecting your meat. You want to ensure you have real, natural beef that’s nutritious with one ingredient, and aged to unlock full flavor and tenderness. There are frozen meat options that do deliver a high-end, restaurant-quality protein,” said Omaha Steaks’ Executive Chef David Rose. “Our meats are flash-frozen at peak freshness, so no matter when you enjoy your steak, it will taste as fresh as the day it was carved. This allows you enjoy just what you need, when you want it, so there’s no worry about wasting fresh food or gambling with grocery store selections.”

Upping the Grilling Experience

Nine out of 10 (92%) Americans look forward to grilling, with 84% agreeing they would like to do even more of it this summer than last year. And for 35% of those surveyed, grilling was named as a stress reliever – an increase from last summer.  However, 7 in 10 Americans note they struggle with being able to fire up the grill at short notice due to difficulties in finding or choosing specific protein options.

“Our survey reminded us that people want the best of both worlds: 80 percent said they want restaurant quality steaks at home. And when it comes down to it, we know more than anyone nothing beats a premium cut of meat, grilled to perfection, and enjoyed with your family and loved ones,” said Omaha Steaks President and Chief Operating Officer Nate Rempe. “That’s why for more than a century, we’ve delivered unmatched offerings crafted by our expert team of butchers to ensure people get that gourmet experience like you would at a steakhouse, every time in the comfort of your own home or backyard.”

Dads Want Steak and Quality Time for Father’s Day

One of the biggest survey findings highlights that Americans overestimate that dads want tools for Father’s Day more than they really do. In fact, 48% of them want to be gifted a steak dinner (up 10% from last year’s survey) or quality time with loves ones (44%) for Father’s Day this year (June 18). A meaty meal is “the” gift most desired, besting other traditional gifts like tools/appliances, alcohol, clothing, tech gadgets, books, games or sporting equipment.

Some other Father’s Day findings include:

• More than half of Americans (56%) will celebrate Father’s Day at home versus going out to restaurants, due to budget restraints.
• Dads want their steak dinner at home. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed agreed with the following statement: “There’s no better way to spend Father’s Day than grilling with my family,” and 82% said they want it to be steak or burgers on the menu.