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Roast Garlic & Mozzarella Sourdough Pizza Bread from Crosta & Mollica

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Crosta & Mollica has expanded its range of Italian grocery products within the frozen pizza and desserts categories by introducing a Roast Garlic & Mozzarella Pizza Bread and Mascarpone Stracciatella Gelato.

All of the London, England-headquartered company’s restaurant-quality meals and desserts are exclusively made in Italy using specially selected ingredients and traditional recipes. Known especially for frozen and chilled Sourdough Pizza, the brand entered the frozen dessert category in 2022 which led to the launch of a Gelato range.

The latest new products mark an expansion of the frozen range as the Roast Garlic & Mozzarella Pizza Bread offers Crosta & Mollica’s first take on garlic bread, while the Mascarpone Stracciatella Gelato provides an additional flavor just ahead of the summer season.

Crosta & Mollica’s classic wood-fired sourdough base in a pizetta size is topped with shaved mozzarella, a rich cream sauce, flakes of roast garlic and chives. The 229g Roast Garlic & Mozzarella Pizza Bread is the first of its kind in the company’s popular range pizzas and pinsas. Available to purchase from Ocado from mid May, the price is £2.95.

Made with fresh mascarpone and Italian whole milk, the 450ml Mascarpone Stracciatella Gelato joins Crosta & Mollica’s range of gelato on Ocado, alongside Limoncello Sicilian Lemon and Amarena Cherry & Mascarpone. The new flavor will be available to purchase from Ocado for £5.75 in early June.