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Germans to See New Deutsche See Sushi Boxes in January

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Bremerhaven-based Deutsche See’s Sushi Box assortment will sport a different look next month, as the company debuts newly designed see-through packaging containing five offerings of bite-size moistened rice pieces featuring high quality raw seafood and vegetable toppings or fillings.

Made from previously frozen fish components, the offerings are sold from the chilled cabinets of retail shops as well as menued at restaurants. Weighing in at between 210 and 340 grams per pack, the Japanese-style seafood specialties feature Ayaka (Norwegian salmon, California Roll favorites, Futomaki and Hosomaki) Ayami, Madori and Miaka combinations.

Sushi Box Ayaka DeutscheSee

The fifth offering, a Vegetarian Sushi Box, has been developed to appeal to the requirements of consumers seeking to maintain meat- and fish-free diets. Its ingredients are tofu, peppers, seaweed salad variations and, of course, cold boiled rice.

Each Sushi Box comes with soy sauce, ginger and horseradish wasabi paste.

With 23 subsidiaries across the country and manufacturing plants in Bremerhaven and Hamburg, Deutsche See employs more than 1,700 people. A sophisticated temperature-controlled logistics system enables it to offer a wide variety of fish and seafood products from oceans around the world to over 35,000 customers on a daily basis.