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Imuraya Rolling Out Yawamochi Ice Cup Desserts to USA’s East Coast

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Yawamochi Original and Matcha Ice Cup Desserts are sweetening up freezer aisle across the United States thanks to Irvine, California-based Imuraya USA.

The Japanese confection, Mochi, has successfully made its way to non-Asian palates within the past two decades. Some consumers are familiar with the doughy rice cake as it can now be found in freezer aisles as Mochi Ice Cream. For those still unfamiliar with this product, mochi is a confection made from rice flour that is pounded and kneaded. In traditional Asian confections, it is usually accompanied by red bean paste or lightly dusted with nutty Kinako flour.

What Really is Yawamochi?

A close examination of the dessert’s name helps consumers understand the uniqueness of this item. Yawa, meaning of soft texture, and mochi Japanese rice cake combine to create the special attributes of this dessert. Imuraya uses a patented dough recipe to keep its mochi soft and chewy virtually straight from the freezer. Combined with five pieces of their special recipe mochi, creamy Ice Dessert and sweet red bean paste complete this special dessert.

The product incorporates more traditional Japanese flavors emphasizing the sweet red bean paste which is a staple in Asian desserts. Rather than the savory flavors that American consumers are used to, the sweet red bean (or Azuki) paste adds a subtle touch of sweetness that helps emphasize the other components of the dessert. Imuraya, an industry leader because of their Azuki based desserts, sources hand-picked sweet red beans to be used in its confections.

The Yawamochi Cup Dessert has already gained a major following along the US West Coast. Now an expanded distribution program is set to bring the product to the East Coast.