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Kellogg’s Rolls Out Trio of Innovative Eggo Brand Waffle Products in USA

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Eggo is celebrating spring with three new flavors. Hitting freezer aisles in retail stores across the USA this April, the customer-inspired flavor innovations are Chocolatey Chip Banana Waffles and Berry Blast Mini Toast, priced at $3.59, and the Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Waffle, which costs $5.99.

“Whether you’re hosting a festive brunch, rushing out the door in need of an on-the-go snack or simply setting up an extra delicious breakfast before school, these delectable new flavors will take mornings to the next level, no matter the occasion. The prep requires nothing more than a toaster – and in the case of the new Eggo Vanilla Bean Grab & Go Waffles, no toaster at all,” said Joe Beauprez, Eggo’s marketing director.

Following last year’s launch of Eggo’s first-ever, no-toaster-needed Grab & Go waffles, the Battle Creek, Michigan-headquartered Kellogg Company brand’s latest Liege-style Vanilla Bean Grab & Go offering features golden brioche dough and is baked through with crunchy bits of pearl sugar, butter and infused with vanilla flavor. These waffles don’t need a toaster and are positioned as “the perfect mess-free breakfast for parents on the go,” plus, they stay fresh at room temperature for up to 15 days once taken out of the freezer.

Eggo’s just debuted Berry Blast Mini Toast Waffles are crisp, fluffy mini waffles featuring strawberry and blueberry flavors. They can be toasted for kids on-the-go or plated and drizzled with maple syrup for an easy breakfast.

The new golden and fluffy Chocolatey Chip Banana Waffles, made to please banana and chocolate lovers alike, are promoted as “the perfect breakfast to start your morning off with something sweet.”

“We know finding a quick and easy breakfast option the whole family will love on hectic mornings is hard,” said Joe Beauprez, Marketing Director with Eggo. “Our fresh new flavors offer the perfect waffle for every occasion – from a festive spring brunch to an on-the-go breakfast – helping relieve parents of breakfast stress. Because with a new flavor for everyone, Eggo is the one thing both parents and kids can rely on to go right in the morning.”