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KosherFest 2019 Ready to Roll into New Jersey Meadowlands

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From seafood and pastrami appetizers to cakes, tarts fruit pops and much more, there will be plenty of frozen products to see and sample during KosherFest 2019, which is set for November 12 and 13 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Organized by Diversified Communications and Lubicom Marketing Consulting, the annual event is billed as the largest and most attended kosher-certified products trade show in the world.

Among more than 6,000 industry professional expected to attend the fair and check out over 325 stands will be buyers from chain supermarkets, corner grocery store proprietors, restaurant and foodservice operators, and decision makers from leading catering establishments.

Exhibitors from near and far are heading to the Garden State to show their stuff. What follows is just a small taste of the frozen fare that will be showcased at the fair (visit www.kosherfest.com for a complete list as well as registration information):

La Marguerite & Co. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada will welcome visitors at Booth #3028 with an assortment of authentic Pareve Kosher French Pastries and gourmet dessert delicacies. Its indulgent line of treats includes Lemon Meringue Tart, Crème Brulee Cake, Rocher Cake.

• The hosts will be let them eat cake, fruit, sorbet pops and lots more at Booth #7001, where Elegant Desserts NY will offer show-goers the opportunity to bite into its Crème-Bite gourmet ice cream sandwiches. New flavors in the line include Pistachio Nut, Strawberry Cream and Cookies ’n Cream, and Fruit & Pebbles.

Mompops All Natural Mini Mango Fruit Pops will be on dispensed at Booth #3092. Produced in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania, the allergen-free product is vegan, parve and manufactured in a dedicated gluten- and peanut-free facility. The low calorie (15), low carbohydrate (4g) and low sugar (4g) treat contains no juices or concentrates.

• Java Kosher Seared Sliced Seasoned Ahi Tuna-Sesame is available from San Diego, California-based Seafood Imports Inc. Stop by Booth #44 to check out the spiced, sushi-quality tuna ready to be enjoyed as an appetizer, a salad component, or even served as a main dinner entree. Primarily sourcing wild-caught tuna from Indonesian suppliers harvesting the Indian Ocean, the family-owned company also offers Yellowtail Hamachi, Escolar, Snapper, Grouper, Black Butterfish and other seafood products.

• The focus will be on Beef Empanada at Booth #3048 where Hillsborough, New Jersey-based Global Appetizers Inc. will show a range of convenience foods including Beef Kreplach, Beef Kibbeh and Pastrami Wonton. The empanadas go nicely with tahini or humus.

• Plattered MIni Breaded Pastrami Bites, Chicken Drumettes and BBQ Beef Cigars will be on the Alle Processing/Mealmart menu at Booth #7037. Produced in Maspeth, Queens, New York, the finger food line’s Pastrami Bites offering is distributed in attractive 32-ounce boxes containing 40 pieces.

The Chicken Drumettes are promoted as “classier than wings, tastier than bites and sized as the perfect appetizer to pass around your next party,” while the BBQ Beef Cigars are presented as “expertly stuffed and perfect to get any event rolling.”

In addition to the exhibition, the show’s agenda includes the Mashgiach of the Year Award ceremony and an extensive education program including Menachem Lubinsky’s “State of the Kosher Industry” analysis, Elie Rosenfeld’s view of the “History of Jewish and Kosher Marketing in America,” and Tanya Rosen’s take on the “Myth and Misconception about Dieting.” – Reported by John Saulnier