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Maggi Nutri-licious Frozen Snack Food Products Debut in India Market

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Nestlé India has launched frozen Nutri-licious Veggie Kebabs, Special Veggie Pops and Achari Pockets under its popular Maggi brand. Featuring soya and vegetable ingredients, the products are a good source of protein and fiber.

Zaheer Khan, the Gurgaon, Hayama-based company’s corporate chef and head of innovation and renovation, unveiled the new offerings on LinkedIn.

Afaqs!, an online media and advertising news platform covering the Indian market, reported that this is Maggi’s second new offering after the introduction of Korean Noodles last year. The Nutri-licious SKUs will be competing in the retail frozen snack food segment against brands including McCain, Gadre and ITC Master Chef.

Afaqs noted that “the frozen food market has grown significantly in recent years as frozen products require little time and effort for cooking, the growing consumer preference for convenience foods indirectly supports the increasing demand for frozen products.”

According to data from Research and Market, an international market research company,

The frozen food market in India, according to statistics from the Research and Market organization, was valued at Rs 144.30 crore in 2022 and is expected to hit Rs 367.97 crore by 2028.