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Mochidoki Rolls Out Holiday Edition Mochi Ice Cream

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Mochidoki, a frozen treat that’s promoted as “putting a modern spin on traditional Japanese mochi ice cream,” is ringing in the Christmas and New Year holidays with the launch of an indulgent seasonal flavor and exclusive box collection that includes:

  • Limited Edition Holiday Double Chocolate Chip, featuring chocolate mousse ice cream with decadent semi-sweet chocolate chips. The sweet treat is positioned as “perfect for pairing with a steaming hot chocolate or decorated with whipped cream and drizzled with syrup for your chocolate-loving guests.”
  • mochidoki-foto 02Mochidoki’s 4-piece Holiday Gift Box, containing two classics, Vanilla Chocolate Chip mochi and two Double Chocolate Chip mochi, each decorated with festive red and green sugar crystals.
  • Mochidoki’s 10-piece pack collection of signature flavors featuring Matcha Green Tea, Black Sesame and Azuki Red Bean offerings as well as Lychee Colada, Mandarin Orange Cream, Raspberry White Chocolate Crunch and Salted Caramel.

Mochidoki’s premium mochi ice cream is made using high quality sweet rice flour that is steamed and kneaded until transformed into chewy and soft mochi. It’s then carefully wrapped around gourmet ice cream to create a special combination of taste and texture. Produced in small-batch runs of ingredients devoid of artificial sweeteners and fake colors, the products are Kosher-certified. Gluten-free options are available as well.

Mochidoki was founded in 2014 by Ken Gordon, a New Yorker who put together a team to create mochi ice cream using natural flavors, exotic ingredients and unique textures and fillings to satisfy a wide variety of taste preferences. In addition to the flavors cited above, Frothy Chocolate and Ginger Zing are also offered.