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Plant-based Garden Gourmet Burger from Nestlé is Now ‘Sensational’

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In advance of the firing up of barbecue grills across Europe this summer, Nestlé improved its Garden Gourmet plant-based burger to give it an even meatier taste and texture. As such, it has been renamed Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger.

The new product is now appearing in the frozen and refrigerated food aisles in retail stores across Europe. Aside from an even more meat-like flavor and texture, the burger now also cooks better, making that transformation from raw to cooked with a satisfying sizzle.

It is the second upgrade to the Garden Gourmet plant-based burger in just over a year since it was first launched. Further improvements and innovations for the burger and other plant-based products are expected later this year, as Nestlé’s plant protein experts, food scientists and chefs continue to listen to consumer feedback and create an exciting product pipeline.

“As consumers around the world seek healthier, more sustainable diets, we have created some of the tastiest and healthiest plant-based foods available,” said Wayne England, head of Nestlé’s food business. “The new Garden Gourmet ‘Sensational’ name evokes the senses that are stimulated by our burger: the visible transformation and aroma when cooking, the sound of it sizzling in the pan or on the grill, the great taste and texture.”

The Garden Gourmet Sensational Burger still has some of the best nutritional values of any plant-based burger on the market, scoring a Nutri-Score “A” rating. It also accounts for much lower CO2 emissions, water and land use than a traditional beef burger.

It combines natural soy and wheat protein, color from natural plant extracts, rapeseed and coconut oil and a proprietary method of fermenting plant-based ingredients to boost the “umami” flavor of the burger.

“We are focused on delivering competitive plant-based products which are both nutritious and great-tasting. Our experts continuously explore new technologies and recipes, to deliver a wide range of plant-based innovations that have the right texture, the right taste, as well as a superior nutritional profile,” said Torsten Pohl, head of the Nestlé Product Technology Center in Singen, Germany, which specializes in plant-based foods.

Nestlé has been working in plant-based food for around 20 years. The Garden Gourmet brand has a heritage that goes back around 35 years as a pioneer in plant-based food.

“We know plant-based food and we know meat substitutes,” said England. “We have been doing this as long as anybody and will continue to focus our energy on what really matters to consumers – delivering truly outstanding plant-based products that are good for people and for the planet.”

Other Garden Gourmet “no compromise” products, including plant-based sausages and grounds, will also carry the “Sensational” name going forward.