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New Look for Magnum Ice Cream in USA as 10-Year Celebration Begins

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Magnum, the “chocolatier of ice cream,” is commemorating its 10-year anniversary in the United States market during 2021. In marking this milestone, the Englwood Cliffs, New Jersey-based Unilever unit is introducing an updated packaging look that highlights appetizing photos of chocolatey bars and tubs, a sleek new logo, the product’s cacao percentage, and an on-pack “made with Belgian chocolate” message.

Among folks actively celebrating the anniversary are former Magnum ice cream spokesperson Rachel Bilson. The actress helped launch the brand in North America with a now iconic campaign that featured her leaping over standstill traffic to grab a refreshing Magnum ice cream bar.

Bilson will be joined by Rebecca Minkoff and fellow chocolate lovers Alli Webb and Kéla Walker, among others, who will take to Instagram to highlight the brand’s anniversary by sharing how they celebrate life’s moments with Magnum ice cream.

“We’re excited to celebrate 10 momentous years of Magnum as a leading ice cream brand in the United States. From launching the first and only double-dipped ice cream bar in America, to our fan-favorite Magnum Pop-Up Bars, celebration, self-expression and indulgence are key tenets to every Magnum ice cream experience,” said Russel Lilly, vice president of Unilever’s ice cream business in the USA. “We look forward to celebrating our anniversary with a refreshed look and an indulgent new truffle-inspired ice cream bar line.”

Since bringing its signature cracking chocolate from Europe to the United States in 2011, Magnum ice cream has seen an evolution of offerings reach 28 flavors across bars, tubs, and MINIs – all of which are now available with a brand new look.

Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars

Inspired by the rich, sweet decadence of chocolate truffles, Magnum ice cream has introduced its first Ice Cream Truffle Bars in three flavors: MINI Dark Chocolate Truffle, MINI Berry Truffle, and Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle. A brief description of each treat follows:

• Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar. This treat features dark chocolate ganache sauce, swirled through a dark chocolate ice cream, dipped in a dark chocolate shell. Made with 68% cacao, the MINI calorie count is 140.

• Berry Truffle Bar. Dark chocolate ganache sauce is swirled through a fruity strawberry ice cream, dipped in a dark chocolate shell. Also made with 68% cacao, the berry delight has 140 calories.

• Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Bar. Again, dark chocolate ganache sauce is a star ingredient, as is its 44% cacao content. The sauce is swirled throughout classic vanilla ice cream and dipped in a creamy milk chocolate shell.

All three Truffle Bar flavors are offered at a suggested retail price of between $3.99 and $4.99 at major retailer stores nationwide.

Magnum Ice Cream Double Red Velvet Tubs

Wrapped in a chocolate cracking shell, Magnum ice cream tubs are crafted for consumers to enjoy chocolate by the spoonful. This year, Magnum is rolling out the Double Red Velvet, which was inspired by a fan-favorite dessert.

Magnum Double Red Velvet  is laden with chocolate ganache sauce, swirled throughout cream cheese ice cream, topped with red velvet cake crumbles and white chocolate pieces. Wrapped in a cracking white chocolate shell, made with 33% cacao, the tubs are available for a suggested retail price of $3.99 to $5.49.

About Magnum Ice Cream

Launched in Denmark in the late 1980s, Magnum ice cream was the first handheld ice cream bar targeted as a premium adult offering. Today, it is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling more than one billion units annually. All cocoa beans used to make Magnum ice cream products are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.