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New Seafood Stuffing from Sea Watch International

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Sea Watch International, Ltd. has introduced a new seafood stuffing to the foodservice sector. The product is a blend of clams, crab and lobster mixed with breadcrumbs, herbs, spices and a little cheese.

131028 SeaWatch“We have taken the work out of creating stuffing. In the wake of rising seafood prices, this product allows operators to dress up less glamorous menu items, thus creating greater value. It looks and tastes like it was made from scratch,” said Guy Simmons, the Easton, Maryland, USA-headquartered company’s vice president of marketing and product development.

The stuffing can be used in many different dishes, such as stuffed vegetables, stuffed seafood or other proteins. It is made available in half-ounce nuggets, giving chefs and other meal preparers the flexibility of using three nuggets to stuff a piece of fish or one to stuff a mushroom cap or piece of shrimp.

“All the work has been done for you – just pull what you need out of the zip-lock bag, place on your application, bake and serve,” said Simmons. “This delicious and convenient culinary tool has lots of applications.”

Over the past 35 years, Sea Watch International has been a major player in the US offshore clam industry. It sources from a fleet of 30 vessels that harvest clams which are processed in four state-of-the art FDA- and HACCP-certified processing plants in Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts and Virginia.

Sea Watch offers an extensive line of frozen and canned clam products, including chopped clams, chowder, strips, nuggets, sauces, juices and concentrates. It also sells value-added seafood products such as crab cakes, calamari and shrimp, all of which are available for co-pack.