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NFRA Joins Food Waste Challenge Initiative

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The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA-headquartered National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) has joined the USDA and EPA’s US Food Waste Challenge, whose goal is to achieve a fundamental shift in how consumers think about and manage food and food waste. With an astounding 40 billion pounds of discarded food going to United States’ landfills annually, the main objectives of the Food Waste Challenge are to reduce, recover and recycle food waste in the USA.

NFRA’s specific initiative, entitled “Raising Awareness to Reduce Food Waste,” aims to demonstrate the industry’s commitment to reducing food waste by highlighting the efforts of the association’s member companies. NFRA will also develop a visibility plan to leverage opportunities for leadership, including communicating food waste reduction initiatives to trade media, educating consumers about ways to minimize food waste with frozen and refrigerated products, expanding the national food waste dialogue by participating in appropriate conferences and forums, and sharing food waste reduction resources and best practice examples with the frozen and refrigerated food industry.

With the typical American family losing up to $2,275 yearly by throwing away foodstuffs, food waste presents an opportunity for NFRA to showcase how frozen and refrigerated foods are cost-effective, waste-reducing options. The association believes that Americans want to make the most of the food from an economical and societal standpoint, and often view food choices as a reflection of their own personal core values.

NFRA’s ongoing public relations campaigns have created a significant online community where chefs, culinary experts and food bloggers can discuss current food trends and act as a channel for the food waste initiative by conveying the benefits of frozen and refrigerated foods to consumers. For more information about NFRA and the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, contact Julie Henderson by phoning +1 717- 657-8601.