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Nuni: Venetian Ice Cream Wrapped in Soft Rice Cover

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Nuni, a brand new Gelato Artigianale sweet treat, was unveiled in the frozen food hall at the Anuga in Cologne, Germany. The 2015 edition of the world’s largest show for the food industry was especially chosen as the venue for the Le Monte-Carlo Sun, Monaco-based Giraudi Group unit’s introduction of Nuni to foodservice and retail buyers from around the world.

Nuni-prod-1 200Jerome Viale of Giraudi International Nuni described the product as a taste experience that begins with a soft rice paste that covers a Venetian ice cream. “Never before have two so different sensations been associated,” he said. “Only through 30 years of experience in the production of Italian ice cream have we acquired the skills to create Nuni.”

Among flavors offered in the inital rollout are Pistacchio di Sicilia, Caffe Espresso Napoletano, Tiramisu di Veneyia, Vaniglia Bourbon del Madagascar, Limone di Sicilia and Cioccolato E Menta Fabbri.

At first bite the flavor of Nuni’s raw materials offers a flavor-filled textural sensation, starting with the consistency of rice paste coating. Only natural flavorings and colorings are used, and slow mixing (only 35% air) assures that the texture is soft and velvety, while the filling is creamy and delicately dense thanks to a careful balance of fats and solids.

“Nuni are distinguished by their irregular hand-shaped forms made by expert artisans,” said Viale. “This is one of the essential characteristics of the product. Our ingredients are chosen with the greatest respect for nature, culture and people.”

Nuni-prod-2 200Those ingredients range from ICP hazelnuts from Piemont, lemon and pistachios from Sicily, and Amarena Fabbri, as well as Alphonso mangoes from India, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and chocolate from the Ivory Coast.

Nuni can be consumed in numerous settings, whether enjoyed alone, as part of elaborate recipes, as garnish for desserts and fruit salads, or as an accompaniment with coffee or another hot beverage of one’s choice.