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Pan’Artisan Weighs in on Frozen Dough-based Product Advantages

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Bread and baked goods are a staple feature in the diets of consumers in the United Kingdom. According to the Federation of Bakers, the bakery market for such products in Britain is currently worth £3.9 billion. Recent Kantar statistics show demand continuing to grow as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic lessens, with purchases of bread and morning goods up 5.6% in value.

Consumer interest in improved nutrition and products that address specific dietary requirements was rising pre-pandemic, and the stark impact of Covid-19 served to highlight the link between diet choices and health. As a result, the UK is seeing increased interest in frozen food products that consider allergens, reduced use of artificial ingredients and animal products, that still maintain quality, taste and texture.

Frozen foods have provided a much needed and stable supply of essential menu components for caterers, as they have multiple advantages including extended shelf life, greater stability and product consistency, and less wastage through easily managed portion control.

The frozen bakery product sector has delivered a host of new, innovative formats, many hand-held options, as demand for food-to-go has surged — likely another consequence of the pandemic’s need for take-out and delivery options.

“Increased exposure to world foods via street food markets, along with the accessibility of travel has resulted in a swell of interest in global, regional cuisines, and a desire for authentic, good quality offerings,” said Charlotte Perkins, trade marketing manager at Pan’Artisan Ltd. “Artisan baked goods have increased in popularity, with a rise in the use of alternative flours and inclusions such as seeds and grains helping meet nutritional needs, at the same time elevating the offering, allowing for increased profit.”

Midhurst, West Sussex, England-based Pan’Artisan is highly regarded as a dough supplier to foodservice operators, and especially for its range of frozen dough balls, breads and pizza bases inspired by the traditional techniques and authentic bread and dough recipes of Italy.

“Our Focaccia Romana is one of our most popular speciality breads. During production it undergoes many stages of hand-crafting, as the dough is too difficult to be handled by machine before being rested and proved,” said Perkins. “This results in a product which captures the finest qualities of classic Italian bread. For ultimate convenience we offer the Focaccia Romana par-baked and frozen.”

Focaccia Romana is a versatile speciality bread that can be used for a cold, open sandwich, a hot or cold closed sandwich carrier, and makes an excellent pizza base. Originally produced in central Italy, the product is created from a simple dough which produces an extremely light, open structured bread. It’s available in 250g and 750g sizes.