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Pidy Makes Case for Lighter Take on Quiches, Pies and Sweet Treats

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Ieper, Belgium-headquartered ready-to-fill pastry specialist Pidy has introduced a low-sided quiche case that features a thinner base and sides. With spring menu planning almost on the horizon in the foodservice and hospitality industry, the new product is being promoted as ideal for lighter pastry-based dishes like sweet tartlets or savory quiches when packed with vegetables, cheese or meaty fillings.

The low-sided quiche is made with the company’s signature neutral pressed puff pastry (rough-puff) and has a crisp, golden finish. The neutral flavor of the pastry lends itself equally sweet or savory, hot or cold fillings of all kinds. It is pre-baked to seal in crispiness and has a 10-12-minute cooking time once filled.

The product has been carefully developed to provide just the right pastry-to-filling ratio to suit lighter eating habits, while standing up to heavy liquid fillings and remaining crisp and tasty. A versatile addition to menus all year-round, the cases are the optimum size for light, individual tartlets and can also be topped with a puff pastry lid or even sliced potatoes or mash for a heartier alternative.

Featuring homemade taste and texture, Pidy pastry is developed to meet stability and consistency requirements demanded by foodservice operators. It can simply be re-baked with different fillings or even filled and then frozen for those preparing in advance. The pastry cases can be stored at ambient temperature and has a 12-month shelf life for ultimate convenience.

“The new quiche case has a slightly thinner texture which makes it a lighter alternative to our traditional pie and quiche cases. The same secret family recipe and 100% natural ingredients, but now in a format that suits a wider range of tastes,” said Robert Whittle, managing director at Pidy UK.

With three production facilities in Belgium, France and the USA, Pidy offers market support to their customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Supplying a wide assortment of frozen products to both foodservice and retail sectors, among the offerings are dry puff pastry, short crust, fonçage dough, choux pastry and sponge products.