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Ramar’s Chicken Inasal Should be a Hit on Filipino Cuisine Scene in USA

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Ramar Foods, a Pittsburg, California-based Filipino frozen products manufacturer and marketer, has announced the launch of Chicken Inasal under its Magnolia brand. The new product will be available in Asian grocery outlets across the USA by the end of this year.

Chicken Inasal is a marinated chicken specialty dish inspired by the popular grilled chicken technique originating from Bacolod City in the Philippines. The term inasal means to “roast” or “chargrilled” marinated with a mixture of ingredients and spices typically served with rice and vinegar. Magnolia Chicken Inasal from Ramar Foods will be ready for consumers to grill or bake.

“We were so excited to launch this product that we had to accelerate the process due to the growing demand for prepared meats in the CPG category,” said Gabe Querian, marketing manager of Ramar Foods.

Founded in 1969, the family-owned company’s ongoing mission is to bring the flavors of the Philippines to households throughout North America. During the past half century its extensive frozen product line has grown to include favorites ranging from Orientex brand lumpia and Bestaste shumai and siopao dumplings to Frescano milkfish, Manila Gold ingredients and Magnolia ice cream.

“In the many years I’ve worked for Ramar Foods, we have always prioritized authentic flavor and premium quality in all of our products,” said Rommel Catanghal, the company’s dairy assistant operations manager and a native of Bacolod.