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Rite Stuff Foods’ Value-Added Spuds and Plenty More Score at AFFI-CON

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Jerome, Idaho-based Rite Stuff Foods, a unit of the Reitberg, Germany-headquartered Frostkrone Food Group, was very much on the scene at AFFI-CON in San Diego, California from February 24-27 to promote its portfolio of frozen finger foods, snacks and appetizers. In high profile were the following value-added spud specialties:

Gourmet Bacon and Cheese Twice Baked Potato. This twice baked tuber is filled with creamy mashed potato and a topping of bacon, cheese and chives.
Triple Cheese Twice Baked Potato.It features a creamy mashed potato filling with a topping of three hearty, flavorful cheeses.
Wedge with an Edge. Here’s a savory potato wedge that delivers a balance of crunch and bold taste in every bite.

In addition, a variety of savory non-potato finger foods and snacks were available to see and sample:

Mac & Cheese Cube Bacon. This recipe serves up macaroni in a savory cheese sauce and crispy bacon wrapped in crunchy coating.
Cauliflower Bites. These tender breaded and battered florets are popular as a small snack between meals or as a side dish.

And then there were Rite Stuff Foods’ new Flavorites, which are made using technology that allows products to be flexibly adapted in size and weight according to customer requirements. This provides a great advantage for foodservice operators, as all offerings are the same size and weight, can be portioned easily and quickly prepared. Among them:
Flavorites Jalapeños Nacho Cheese Bites. They’re crisp on the outside, with a combination of spicy jalapeños and tangy nacho cheese on the inside.

Flavorites Cream Cheese Bites. This offering also boasts a crunchy coating and delivers the mildly hot zing of jalapeños paired with velvety cream cheese.

“We enjoyed showcasing a wide range of finger food and snacks at AFFI-CON’s collaborative meetings with our retail and foodservice business partners, who will get to better know our latest product,” said Rite Stuff Foods CEO Curt Snyder. “In these challenging times for consumers, we continue to deliver excellent value.”

With more than 230 employees, Rite Stuff Foods ranks among the innovative manufacturers of value-added Idaho potato products and finger foods in the USA. Since 2019 it has been part of the Frostkrone Food Group, which operates from eight locations in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.