Rollouts Begin for Scott & Jon’s 20% More Shrimp and Salmon Bowls

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Scott & Jon’s has begun shipping larger portions of frozen shrimp bowls to stores, while maintaining pricing. Late last month, retailers began receiving packs with 20% more content, as net weight rose from 8.0 to 9.6 ounces. Furthermore, the newly launched salmon bowls line also features 9.6 ounces of premium seafood and other high quality ingredients.

“By increasing the size of our bowls without increasing the price, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional value and quality. We refuse to compromise on either, even in the face of industry challenges like shrinkflation. Our consumers deserve the best,” said Jon Demers, co-founder of the Auburn, Maine, USA-based company.

Shipment dates to supermarkets and other grocery retailers vary depending on existing inventories. Consumers can expect to see the larger portions on shelves and online platforms in the coming weeks.