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Simplot Rolls Out Delivery-focused Fry that Holds for 40+ Minutes

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Boise, Idaho, USA-headquartered Simplot Foods has begun shipping a new line of fries that that stays crisp for more than 40 minutes after cooking. Called Conquest Delivery+, the product can be reheated at home in microwave ovens.

“These new fries outperform anything on the market in terms of holding capability, and it couldn’t come at a better time for our operators,” claimed Mark McKellar, president of Simplot Foods. “Fries are the most popular and profitable food item on most menus. With the explosion in off-premise dining, operators simply cannot afford soggy fries anymore.”

Simplot Conquest Delivery+ fries owe their remarkable holding capability to a revolutionary new, starch-based clear coating. It resists sogginess caused by the steam trapped within takeout and delivery containers when hot items like fries are placed inside.

Operational Versatility

With its light clear coat, these fries can be used for everyday dine-in orders too. This simplifies kitchen operations for those who don’t want to stock a separate SKU just for delivery, takeout or drive-thru.

Just 20 seconds in a microwave restores the product to fresh-from-fryer temperature and crispness (when done within an hour of cooking or 30 minutes of delivery). This feature radically expands the delivery window for operators.

Their Extra Long Fancy length fills containers and plates with fewer strips, and longer holding time means fewer fries become that inedible and have to be discarded. Additionally, the fries don’t require any proprietary sleeves or containers to maintain their crispness. Vented paper or cardboard packaging is recommended for best results, but most properly ventilated materials will do.

Available in Five Premium Cuts

Simplot is introducing the new range in five popular cuts to match the themes and preferences of different kinds of restaurant operators. Now available are: ¼” shoestring; 3/8” straight cut; 3/8” straight cut, skin-on; ½” crinkle cut; and an eye-catching cut dubbed the “Tin Roof Fry” with a wavy shape that’s especially crisp.

Off-premise ordering via delivery, takeout and drive-through were already trending up over the last few years. However, since Covid-19 health crisis hit, off-premise has greatly accelerated. In April 2020, 70% of fry orders in the United States were consumed at home, and this trend is likely to persist even after the pandemic subsides, reports The NPD Group/CREST.

Also, according to Datassential, nearly one in three consumers plan on eating inside restaurants less.

Additionally, Technomic Foodservice Monitor points out that 40% of consumers say they’re likely or very likely to continue getting restaurant orders delivered; and 48% say they’re likely or very likely to continue getting restaurant orders via carryout.

“Clearly having a solution for off-premise fries is vital to the health of any operator,” said McKellar. “With the introduction of Conquest Delivery+ Fries the choice to switch to an off-premise-friendly fry has become even easier. No other fries on the market offer this combination of benefits, performance and range of cuts for delivery, takeout, drive-through and dine-in.”