Smart Flour Foods Debuts Ancient Grain-based Burger Buns

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Smart Flour Foods has rolled out a new selection of ancient grain-based hamburger buns for foodservice customers. Featuring the taste, texture and nutritional benefits of the whole grains sorghum, amaranth and teff, the gluten-free buns are hefty enough to accommodate thick meat or veggie patties, and positioned to appeal to the mass market as well as to the preferences of the healthy-eating demographic of consumers.

Veggie burger with guac 300The Austin, Texas, USA-headquartered producer has also launched a new offering of hoagie rolls. Similar to the burger bun but shaped to accommodate multiple sandwich components, they have been formulated for a wide variety of menu offerings ranging from submarine sandwiches to grilled cheese specialties.

Ancient grains are those regarded as having been little changed by selective breeding over recent millennia, in contrast to cereals such corn, rice and modern varieties of wheat, which are the products of thousands of years of selective breeding.

Made with high-quality, clean ingredients, Smart Flour Foods’ hamburger buns are currently going through the Non-GMO Project Verification review process. Designed with a light texture and dome shape, the buns can be thawed and then grilled, toasted or otherwise handled per the chef’s preference. Certified gluten-free and void of soy and nuts, they are high in protein, calcium and iron.

The buns come in a 4” in diameter size and are sold frozen in a 24-count package. After thawing, shelf life is good for approximately three weeks under refrigerated conditions, and for up to five days at room temperature.