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Snoqualmie Ice Cream Boosts Frozen Custard Line by Six

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Snohomish, Washington-based Snoqualmie Ice Cream has launched six more all-natural frozen custards that are now in stock at grocery stores in the northwestern United States as well as available online. Retailing at a suggested price of $5.99 per pint, each offering contains 14% butterfat, more cream and extra eggs.

The new flavors are:

new custard prodsBlueberry Cardamom Crisp – featuring Northwest blueberries, crispy oats and cinnamon swirled into blueberry cardamom custard.

Red Raspberry Cake – ripples of red raspberry and white cake pieces in cake batter custard.

Spicy Banana Brownie – chocolate fudge brownies mixed into banana cinnamon custard.

Brown Butter Sugar Cookie – Soft sugar cookies mixed in butter custard.

Brown Sugar Cookie Dough – Creamy custard sweetened with brown sugar and extra bites of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Crispy Marshmallow Treat – Out of thousands of entries, a Seattle resident came up with this winning flavor, which was inspired by her childhood memories of making homemade rice crispy treats.

About Snoqualmie Ice Cream

Husband and wife Barry and Shahnaz Bettinger have privately owned Snoqualmie Ice Cream since 1997. In addition to a wide assortment of frozen custard, which is made with hormone-free milk and cream sourced from family farms in the Pacific Northwest, they produce small-batch gelato and sorbet. All products are sweetened with non-GMO cane sugar and are free of preservatives and artificial flavors and are vat-pasteurized, which allows for slow cooking of ingredients without scorching the cream.