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Stavis Seafoods Launches SeaTru Lifestyle Seafood Brand

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Boston, Massachusetts-headquartered Stavis Seafoods aims to make buying sustainably sourced seafood easier in the USA with the launch of SeaTru, a lifestyle brand that is presented to consumers as completely traceable, socially responsible and sustainably sourced. Initial retail products in the rollout include transparent vacuum packs of swordfish, halibut and tuna portions, in addition to pasteurized super lump crabmeat and Norwegian salmon.

SeaTru Prime Cuts SwordfishIn order to qualify for SeaTru status, raw material must be sourced from a sustainably certified fishery, or from a fishery involved in a comprehensive improvement project that is screened for labor safety or audited to ensure compliance with the US Department of Labor standards.

“We are incredibly enthusiastic about SeaTru because it is unique in the industry,” said CEO Chuck Marble. “It is a true lifestyle brand that brings together great seafood, direct sourcing and the proof of ocean stewardship that consumers require. Seafood lovers can finally feel confident about the food they are eating.”

The company, a Boston waterfront fixture since 1929, accomplishes supply-chain visibility by procuring fish from its own vessels or from approved and audited partners. This approach enables it to better oversee supply chain efforts and source honestly and responsibly harvested seafood from reliable suppliers around the world.

Stavis plans to launch additional items under the SeaTru banner later this year, including traditional seafood recipes, cephalopod specialties and lobster products.