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Tipiak’s Heart-shaped Macarons Romanticize Dessert Menus in UK

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French pâtissier Tipiak has launched its heart-shaped macarons range into the United Kingdom foodservice sector well ahead of Valentine’s Day. Available exclusively from frozen food distributor Central Foods, the offerings features ten strawberry and ten chocolate pieces.

Just like Tipiak’s other authentic “thaw and serve” macarons,
they are made according to a traditional French recipe in a certified gluten-free production area.

“Macarons are one of the most treasured French desserts in the world, and these heart-shaped versions are especially appealing,” said Marie-Emmanuelle Chessé, international development project manager at Tipiak. “Made in France, they are unique to the UK frozen foodservice sector and can be served in a whole host of ways to brighten up and romanticize desserts, cakes, and beverage menus. Simply thaw and serve, et voilà!”

She added: “Perfect for Valentine’s Day, they are also ideal throughout the year for weddings, afternoon teas, as accompaniments to tea and coffee, and for birthdays. They can also be used to decorate cakes or as toppings for shakes and smoothies.”

Made using natural colors from quality ingredients such as beetroot and dark chocolate, each 15-gram macaron contains just 67 calories. The heart-shaped macarons take two hours to defrost in the fridge, plus a further 15 minutes at room temperature.