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Unilever Announces Ice Cream Calorie Cap, New Products

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Unilever UK & Ireland has pledged that by this spring its entire adult single-serve ice cream range will contain 250 calories or fewer. This is tied in to the Sustainable Living Plan the multinational parent company launched in 2010, with a goal to help more than 1 billion people around the world take action to improve their health and well-being.

Magnum ClassicThe move follows the successful introduction of 110-calorie or fewer products across the children’s ice cream range. And with no change to recipes, it means the flavor of Unilever ice cream brands like Magnum will be unaffected.

Noel Clarke, brand building director for ice cream, explained: “We have introduced this 250-calorie cap to help make it easier for our consumers to make informed and healthier choices when enjoying their favorite ice creams as part of a balanced lifestyle.

“It was important there be no compromise to taste or quality, and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered. Our products will still taste as good as ever, but through a process of development and resizing we will ensure our entire single-serve ice cream portfolio will contain 250 calories or fewer.”

New Products Coming Soon
Meanwhile, the company has plans to roll out a number of new products beginning in March to further stimulate growth in the £938 million ice cream category in Britain and Ireland by tapping into three key ice cream trends: snacking, luxury and lower-calorie treats. Debuting will be Blackcurrant Twister, Feast Snack Bar, Magnum Double and Cornetto Choc ’n’ Caramel Disc.

TWISTER MINI“We believe that ice cream presents a huge growth opportunity for retailers and manufacturers,” said Clarke. “As an impulse category, this growth potential will be unlocked by delighting consumers at the first moment of truth: the store. To help deliver strong sales for retailers this summer, we are significantly investing in our sales force, freezer distribution and product innovations.”

Blackcurrant Twister, part of the Wall’s Kids range, will be available in a six-packs and as an out-of-home single unit, with recommended retail prices of £2.49 and £1, respectively.

Feast BarThe new Feast Snack Bar features a peanut butter flavor and is priced at £1 per single unit and £2.25 for a multipack of six.

In the premium filled cone segment, Cornetto will revamp its Disc range to feature a new Choc ’n’ Caramel variant. Backed by a £3 million marketing campaign, the product will have a recommended retail price of £1.50 each or £2.99 for a four-pack.

Magnum will launch two new flavors during the summer: Double Chocolate and Double Peanut Butter. Each features velvety ice cream enrobed in a chocolatey coating, plus a sauce layer wrapped in a layer of cracking Magnum chocolate. The new products will sell for £1.90 each, while three-count multipacks will retail for £3.35.