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WFLO’s Scientific Advisory Council Enlists Animal Science Expert

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Dr. Cody Gifford, an assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Wyoming, has joined the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) of the Arlington, Virginia, USA-headquartered World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) for a three-year term. He assumed the open position on the committee focused on meat products.

“Continued research to advance quality attributes and enhance safety of all food products, especially in management of livestock and meat products, is vital to the entire food supply chain. Focusing on areas throughout the global cold chain will remain paramount, particularly in these unprecedented times,” said Gifford.

In welcoming aboard the new SAC member, Chairman Dr. Michael Jahncke commented: “I am very pleased that he has joined us. In addition to expertise in human nutrition, Dr. Gifford has knowledge, skills and ability in the areas of meat science, meat safety, quality, processing, handling, storage and more. He will be an important member of our SAC team to ensure that Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) members continue to provide the safest and highest quality food products.”

The WFLO’s Scientific Advisory Council is made up of a distinguished group of food scientists, logistics and packaging experts from around the world. It provides a valuable source of cold chain technical information related to refrigerated operations and the delivery of safe, high quality food and other products to consumers, as well as cutting-edge research and advice to GCCA members.

Currently, there are 17 scientists that comprise the SAC, which traces its roots back to 1943 as part of The Refrigeration Research Foundation (TRRF). Chairman Jahncke, is also director of the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research & Extension Center, and professor emeritus at Virginia Tech Department of Food Science and Technology.