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Young’s Seafood Commercials Get Smart – AdSmart, That Is

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Malcolm the Cat is back on the prowl promoting Young’s Seafood, this time in an advanced targeting and analytics campaign that enables the Grimsby, England-based frozen fish company to share ads directly with iPad users in tandem with conventional digital broadcast and television ads. Set to launch on April 1, the dual marketing approach taps fully into Sky AdSmart technology to push Gastro and Chip Shop product lines.

The campaign will monitor more than 600 channels simultaneously, identifying relevant opportunities almost instantly and delivering ads to the most promising audiences within milliseconds based propensity of the viewer to buy and consume frozen fish. Among websites utilized in the messaging effort are and

Youngs GastroThe Sky AdSmart service allows brands to tailor commercial ad breaks based upon viewer profiles with a range of data points – including location, life stage and financial status – with third-party data overlay by Experian.

“This is one of the most progressive uses of AV that we’ve seen to date,” said Daniel Stephenson, Sky Media’s head of Sky AdSmart. “We are delighted to be working with Young’s and Total Media on such an innovative partnership that employs both purchase and viewing data to plan, target and optimize the campaign across Sky’s linear and addressable platforms.”

Looking forward to the campaign’s launch, Young’s Seafood Marketing Director Yvonne Adam commented: “We’re confident that by bringing Malcolm back to screens, supporting both Chip Shop and Gastro, and using such a sophisticated targeting strategy, we’ll see a reach like never before across our key target audience.”

The “Frustrated Cat” television advertising commercial, created by London-based Quiet Storm, features the furry feline pensively observe a couple of human housemates dine on Young’s Gastro basa fillets and cod ready meals without inviting Malcolm to join in the feast.

“I salivate uncontrollably, my dignity in tatters,” says the voiceover as the camera zooms in on the hungry cat. “Must I endure this torment? All this divine Young’s fishie never in my little dishie.”