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AFFI Calls on US Congress to Reject New Food Taxes

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Joseph Clayton, interim president of the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) has expressed dissatisfaction with the Obama Administration’s fiscal year 2017 proposed budget that reduces funding for US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety programs, while saddling food makers and consumers with burdensome new taxes or fees.

“Food safety is the highest priority for America’s frozen food and beverage makers. Providing sufficient federal resources to adequately fund FDA’s critical food safety activities without increasing costs for consumers and food makers is of paramount importance,” he said. “The frozen food and beverage community is disappointed that the administration is placing greater significance on new user fees, which have been repeatedly rejected by Congress.”

Clayton urged Congress to again reject these new user fees and provide sufficient funding for FDA food safety activities through the Congressional appropriations process.

President Obama’s budget proposal calls on FDA to collect $166 million in new food facility registration and inspection fees from food producers and distributors in the next fiscal year.  Overall, the proposal seeks a $26 million increase in funding for FDA food safety activities.

About AFFI
Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, the American Frozen Food Institute is a national trade association promoting and representing the interests of all segments of the US frozen food and beverage sector. AFFI works to foster industry development and growth, and advocates before legislative and regulatory entities on the industry’s behalf.