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Ardo’s Nutritious, Delicious Pulses and Beetroot Burgers Color Your Menu

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Ardo’s updated range of pulses got a lot of attention from visitors at the pulsating five-day Anuga international B2B food show in Cologne, Germany, which ran through October 13. Many products from Europe’s leading frozen vegetable producer were showcased in Hall 4.2, Stand B029-C028 during the exhibition.

Pulses Aplenty

Pulses are more popular than ever among consumers. Offered in various shapes, flavors and colors, they have many important characteristics  in common: all are sustainable and appealing meat substitutes and, above all, extremely healthy.

Ardo has expanded its range of legumes to include black beans, white beans and red kidney beans, packed in 1 kg bags. It has also developed a multi-colored lentil mix featuring high-protein red, green and brown legumes. One-kilogram bags of chick peas and edamame soy beans are also available among the company’s assortment of pulses.

Pulses are a perfect fit in a healthy diet regimen as they are a solid source of iron, fiber, minerals and protein that complement salads, stews, curries and work well as a meat substitute. All one has to do is heat them up quickly and serve. The tasty result can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Tricolor Lentil Mix

Ardo’s multi-colored lentil mix is a timely response to growing demand for legumes. The combination of red, green and brown lentils instantly adds color to the plate. On top of that, lentils fit into any healthy diet, as they are an excellent source of iron, fibre, minerals and protein that can be delivered in all sorts of dishes including soups and salads, not to mention as meat substitute components. They never disappoint as tasty ingredients in Asian dishes or as stewed lentils with lardons and vegetables. All one need to do is heat up the pre-cooked Tricolor Lentil Mix and it’s ready to eat!


Black Beans

Ardo’s pre-cooked black beans are a must-have in any assortment of legumes. Extremely popular in Latin American cuisine, their firm bite and full flavor makes for surprisingly tasty servings of conventional salads, soups and other dishes. Whether one fancies a classic offering such as rice with black beans, a Brazilian feijoada or a spicy black bean sauce, just heat them up and you’ll have an ideal meat substitute ready to go!

White Beans

White beans, also known as cannellini beans, are a natural source of fiber and protein, and very popular as a meat substitute. Once heated, they form an ideal base for the favorite traditional baked beans in tomato sauce dish. They’re also delicious in salads and stews such as cassoulet.

Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans instantly add color and fiber to meals. The beans are pre-cooked, so need only be heated before serving. A slightly sweet taste also makes this legume delicious in stews, curries, salads or a vegetarian chili.

Chick Peas

Chick peas are a firm favorite as they are healthy, nutritious, an excellent meat substitute, and delicious with a full flavor. You can use them to make hummus or falafel, roast them as a snack or feature them in a Mediterranean salad. They’re also great as an ingredient in tagine or couscous dishes.

Edamame Soy Beans

Edamame soy beans (Mukimame beans) primarily come from Asia. However, Ardo has developed the agro-technology for growing the beans in Europe as well. These young, green soy bean pods are highly nutritious and crunchy. Edamame soy beans are typically served with Asian dishes, but also make a protein-rich addition to salads. Additionally, they add color to poke bowls and are another source of protein for guacamole.

Beetroot Burger Sizzles with Flavor

Last but not least, and moving beyond pulses, the beat goes on with Ardo’s colorful pre-fried Beetroot Burger. The crispy vegetable patty featuring beetroot and kidney beans is delicious on a burger bun, as a side dish or as a vegan or veggie burger. The red color, the round shape and the fiber-rich texture are perfect as an alternative to the traditional burger.

About Ardo

Headquartered in the West Flanders region of Belgium, Ardo is a major global player in the production of fresh-frozen vegetables, herbs and fruits supplied to retail, foodservice and industrial customers around the world. Operating 21 production units in nine countries, the company produced more than 940,000 tons of volume and generated €1.1 billion in turnover in 2019. Employing over 4,000 people, it sources high quality raw material from approximately 3,500 growers working more than 50,000 hectares of farm land.