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BFFF Infographics Hub Helps Consumers ‘Get Frozen Savvy’

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The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has launched an online infographics content hub as part of its ongoing Cool Cookery campaign to encourage the use of frozen food and make sure consumers feel confident and informed when using frozen products.

The content includes hints, tips and information on how to defrost, cook and store frozen fare ranging from meat and fish to fruit, vegetables and desserts. Along with the existing raft of recipes hosted on the website, which include on-trend dishes and classic comfort foods, this easy-to-use information aims to arm consumers with the tools and know-how they need to incorporate more frozen food into their grocery shopping trips and daily diet.

“The frozen food retail sector has recently hit the £6 billion mark, thanks to a change in consumer attitudes and rising awareness of the benefits of frozen food, as well as the high quality products and vast ranges that are currently available on supermarket shelves,” said John Hyman, chief executive of the BFFF.

While frozen food sales continue to rise, there are still some reservations among consumers about proper usage – such as not knowing how to defrost safely, if products can be cooked straight from the freezer, and how to make best use of their freezer.

Cool Cookery logo“We want Cool Cookery to be the hub for all things frozen food related, and with the help of our members, consumers can head to the website for answers to all their frozen queries, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving reliable, expert advice,” said Hyman. “There’s still more room for consumers to include frozen products in their daily diet, minimizing food preparation and waste as well as knowing they’re eating nutritious, high quality food.”

Head to the FAQs tab on the Cool Cookery website, or Facebook and twitter pages – @Cool_Cookery to access the information on how to defrost, cook and store frozen food, as well as recipes and useful tips.

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